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All of us not perfect, then letting your children know that you are also a human, you’re teaching them to forgive, as you forgive them. Our children sometimes tell us if they are truly loved, it’s not measured by how many hours are spent with them or if you were tired that day and lost your cool. Children measured only by how much money you can spend on them.

Although children already know that you are not perfect. Also they know how much you love them, you can’t fool a child, they are spirit like you and I. They are the most honest people on the earth. Believe me, they are honest and will forgive your mistakes, please forgive yourself. No one of us has ever been a perfect parent, not ever. If you love yourself, then you forgive yourself.

Remember this poet wrote by Irish Playwright:

“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.”

So if you love yourself, then forgive yourself, which is another lesson your child will pick up from you, it’s win, win the situation! So be cool and relax, bask in the fullness of your reciprocal love with your child.

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Children are always watching what happen around them, taking not of how the adult in their lives handle problems and deal with situations. With the amount of influence that kids get from their peers and from the media, it is very important that adult in their lives model the behavior they want children to emulate.


Model healthy lifestyle, take your kids on walk and encourage physical activity. Eat healthy foods and do not engage on risky health behaviors.

Take your kids work with you and let them see you in places outside your house. They will see how you interact with others and observe the results of your hard work.

Get involved in activities in community and encourage your child to do the same. Allow your kids to see the world outside their home and get satisfaction of helping other people. This allows your kids to be role models for other people as well.

Model healthy relationship; do not let your kids see you fighting with your husband.

Resolve conflicts with your children in calm manner treat them with a respect and listen to what they are saying.

 Match your actions with your words, to be a good role model; you have to do what you say.

Make sure that you are unknowingly setting a bad example for your kids. If someone calls and you do not want to talk to them, do not tell your child to say you aren’t home. You do not want to pass on the message that it is all right to lie if it is convenient.

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Child attention span is less than adults but there are some surefire ways you can maximize your child ability to focus. Even though you cannot control what goes on the school you can optimize your child home life and environment with the right foods, habits and activities. If you invest the development of your child attention span and concentration it will be easier for your child to achieve the school success now and in the future.

  1. Minimize your child stress, emotional problem at home translate into distraction at the school. Talk any issues so they do not continue affecting your child outside the home.
  2. Get your child a habit of concentration, provide a quit place with limited distraction for your child to work on homework or some specific task.
  3. Feed your child a nutritious and healthy food, not only balance diet important for optimal mental health.
  4. Encourage your child to read, reading is one of a healthy pastime that allows your child to develop the kind of attention span they need for school success.
  5. Keep your children moving, physical activity increases blood circulation to the brain, which can improve concentration and even academic performance.
  6. Incorporate art into your child life, an artistic outlet is therapeutic for of expression, promotes creativity and allows child to develop and maintain focus.
  7. Teach your child to meditate, develop body awareness in children eight years old or younger by asking them to move different parts of their bodies.
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