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Raising a teenager can be difficult, you say one thing she does another, although we have all been during teenager stage, it can be difficult to relate when you are the parents. Help to improve your relationship with your teenager, also maintain the responsibilities of parents.

Discuss the issues with your teenager, do not lecture, lecturing simply put your child to be defensive. Follow the rules and consequences, do not back track, the teenager need to realize you mean business. Lead by example, give your teenager a positive role model, and make her desire to be more like you. Set reasonable goals for your teenager; do not expect more than he can give.

Do not judge too harshly, teenager is going to slip up; she is still young and learning, try to work through problems with her as opposed to yelling and making demands. Do not point out only negative behavior; make sure give plenty of praise when it is due. Have a regular family dinner, this is good opportunity to remain close to your family and ask about your teenager day. Take an active role in your teenager life; do not leave the parenting or educating to someone else. Share your thought, fears and feeling with your teenager, when appropriate, this will encourage him to do the same. Express your love, make it sure your teenager knows you will be there no matter what, a great support system goes a long way.

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If you ask to any good parents how they become awesome at their job they will probably tell you that it is happen over time. Being a parent is hard work that does not always come naturally and kids can put you in wide range of unexpected situation that will require to a simply use a best judgment. If you would like to focus on being a good parents there are some things you can do that enhance your skills and make you a better presence in your kid’s lives.

Accept the fact that you are going to make a mistake, there is no such things perfect parents so recognizing you cannot get everything right can alleviate much of stress you feel. Interact to other parents to swap a tip and stay in a loop about important issues your kids may experience.

Read books about parenting, a lot of parenting books and you should be able to find some in the library or borrow from other parents. The books can provide you an additional viewpoint in parenting issues, like play time, bed time routines, discipline, homework and a lot more.

Stick with what work for you, if you find that your parenting are helping your child to be well rounded and well adjusted then, you are probably doing a lot of things right. Take in a tip that help your family and discard the ones that do not seem to work. Use the tips and ideas from other parents and books to enhance your natural strengths.

Focus on communication, one of the most important and most difficult aspects of raising kids is keeping open line in communication. Being able to talk to your kids about a wide array of topics improves your relationship with your kids, making parenting little smoother.

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If you want to be a best parent, try improving you’re parenting skills by doing this tips and advices.

  1. Listen to your child; listen to your children on what they say. Parents are busy telling children what to do; many times we fail to listen their concern. Learn what your children hopes, fear and anxieties are. The better you understand your child needs the better parent you can be.
  2. Show your good judgment; good parenting skills start with good judgment. Know when to say no to your child and when to give in. when you make good choices to your child see this and in some cases learn to make good judgment on their own.
  3. Be a role model, do not do anything in front of your child that you wouldn’t want them to do. If your find yourself exhibiting behavior that you do not want mimicked by your child, then it is a sign you should change how you react in certain situations.
  4. Stick on the rules, whether it is when you are disciplining your child or simply saying no to a second piece of cake after meal, rules need to be enforced after they are made. Good parenting skills require you to stick to any rules you establish. If you show your child that you make rules but eventually break them, they will think rules are made to be broken.
  5. Keep your control; if you loose your cool in front of your child they may become fearful to you. Whether you are arguing with a bill collector or in the phone do not angry behavior in the presence of your child. If you loose your control and yell or argue to someone you are showing your children this is how people react when times get tough. Instead exhibit good parenting skill illustrating how you can keep your cool and resolve the problem and hand in calm manner.
  6. Show your love and affection, a lot of parent love their child but do not always let them know it. Do not let a day go by without saying I LOVE YOU to your children. Hug and kisses them to show emotion. An embrace for a child often makes him/her feel loved, safe and able to count on you.
  7. Spend quality time, oftentimes parents spend large quantity of time with their child, but fail to be actively engaging with them. This is especially important for working moms to do since we often have our children with baby sitters or in day care when we are at work. Exhibit good parenting skills by initiating interactive activities like playing old fashioned board games, enjoying outdoor activities or simply talking with your children to make the most of the time you have together.
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In many cases people are single parents because it is their best or option. Despite what you hear in media, sing parenting is not all bad news. If you can manage to sort out the difficulties of issue like money, childcare and the relationship with the child’s other parents, single parenting is a joy. You can gain closeness with your kids plus the increased of sense of control or opportunity to parent from you own vision.

Understand single parents legal and financial responsibilities, have a legal aspects sorted out as soon as possible. Talk a lawyer if the baby’s other parent is living he or she hold financial responsibility too.

Clarify the custody and visitation, keeping it casual is fine for as long as the both party agree. It is better your roles clearly defined legally for your own protection. The day may come when your baby’s other parent decide to move and take the baby along. Clearly, you need to know this cannot happen.

Clarify you specific need for the support and ask for help, whether you are single parents from the beginning because of the spouse death, divorce, you will need help from other people. Even if you decided to have the baby when everybody advised you not to, still ask for help. Start with your own personal resources network. Who in this network? Just about everybody you know, bother, sister, or your next door neighbor. Be specific about what you need. You don’t want an ear for your whining, you want somebody to take the baby for an hour between 2 to 3 every Saturday afternoon so you get a NAP, SHOWER, MASSAGE AND MANICURE. Rely on the kindness of childless adult friends who desperately want a little kid action in their lives with doing it full time.

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Being a responsible parent is the best thing you can do for your children, a good parenting is one of the hardest tasks you face as an adult; remember this children are a reflection of you and your parenting.

  1. Be consistent to your children, if you threaten punishment make it sure to follow through with it, avoid contradicting yourself and sending mixed messages. Child will never learn boundaries unless they receive consequences, follow through or your children walk all over you.
  2. Earn their respect, because you birthed them does not mean that they owe you forever. Involve them in some of the decision in your home. Acknowledge when they do a good thing like share or clean their room. Children need to grow up to be well rounded adults because of their parents not in spite on them.
  3. Establish routine and stick to it, children thrive on predictability so it’s important to do some things around the same time daily. Feed your children and put them down to sleep in the same time. If you stick on that routine, it’s easier to manage the children and have free time for you. Added benefits are that your children are happier and less irritable on their schedule.
  4. Instill the values of your children, responsible parenting means teaching your children to be responsible, respect, honesty, control, courage and compassion are some values that children need to learn and develop.
  5. Support other as much as possible; avoid contradicting each other especially in front of your children.
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