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Everyone occasionally feels worn out and overwhelmed by life and all that it entails. If you find yourself lying in bed awake at night with racing thoughts and feeling of intense panic, you may benefit by taking some time out of your day to calm your mind and manage your stress, work on your personal well being and health by gaining a sense of inner calm and relaxation.

Take a walk to give you some time to clear your mind and collect your thoughts. After a walk you may find that you can go back to tough life situation with better and more balance point of view.

Put your mind and ease by envisioning situations that make you smile whether you are sitting at your office cubicle or on your sofa at home. Shut your eyes keep your body open and loose and picture things that conjure up warmth and happiness for you.

Focus on breathing by thinking about each breath you take in. count all of your breath and make a point to inhale and exhale slowly and deeply. Enjoy a hot bath daily as a form of relaxation. Not only can taking a bath provide you some quit time to absorb all your thoughts it also a form of heat therapy and can help ease stiff and aching muscles and joints.

Release stress by partaking in cardiovascular activity at the gym. Meditate by sitting back, closing your eyes and repeating comforting sentence or work to yourself. Go to a quit spot in which other people cannot interrupt or distract you.

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A teenager girl often wants to start experimenting of their make up to enhance their facial features like her eyes. The reason behind is wanting to wear makeup is to look more mature. If you are ready to try makeup, I think much better to tell your parents first if it is a good idea.

Sit your parents down and explain that you are ready to start experimenting with makeup and give them a good reason why you should be able to wear it. Point out any blemishes like zits or blackheads that you are embarrassed about and want to cover up with makeup.

Make a deal with your parents that you will start wearing light foundation; tell them that a lot of foundation has an ingredient to block UV rays, so it is a health benefit to wear makeup. Remind your parents that you are maturing and that you are very responsible, remind them also that you could easily sneak behind their back and wear makeup when they are not around you but they are teaching you to be an honest adult.

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It is epidemic, have you heard? Head lice are resistant to shampoo, liniment and other chemical treatment in much the same way that bacteria become resistant to antibiotics, over the counter lice remedies are essentially insecticides and who want to put that in your child head. But if you kill them, how in the world can you get rid of them? The good news is that you do not need to use chemicals at all, the only thing you really need is a good nit comb.

In order to fight lice, you need to understand how they operate; lice eggs or nits are glued to the hair shaft, close to the scalp. Lice themselves aren’t hard to kill you can smother them by coating your child head in a fat olive oil, coconut oil, etc. for several hours under a plastic shower cup. The nits on the other hand are hard to get rid of, get a good nit comb preferably with metal teeth and start combing.

Wash you child hair as usual and towel dry, section the hair for 4 to 6 section depending on the hair thickness. Rub your regular hair conditioner into the scalp in each section and comp thoroughly. Dip the comp into a bowl of water to get off any lice you find. Pour the water down the sink and rinse the conditioner from your child hair.

Prevent re-infestation; freeze your child pillow, hats and hairbrushes for at least four hours in between us. Use shampoo with tea tree oil to prevent any new lice from crawling onto your child scalp. Keep spray bottle filled with water and several drops of tea tree oil handy spray your child head each morning before setting off to school. Tea tree scent will keep away any new lice away.

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Girls are tending to mature earlier than boys your teens might arrive at independence need privacy and unpredictable moodiness at younger age than you expected. During turbulent years of early adolescence you are bound for some uncharted territory: bout of silent treatment, passive aggression and hormone driven outbursts. This is the great time to tap into your memories of being a teen and try to be as understanding as possible. Give a space for your teen to be alone in her room and connect with her friends while also communicating and connecting with you every day. Work on communication during disagreement and also keep in mind the challenges she faces as modern teenager who is finding her way.

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As a mommy it is also important to be a model confidence in our body type and not discussing feeling fat or our latest diet plans with our daughter at any age. Weight insecurities often passed on from mother to daughter, while childhood obesity is common problem in many countries, a lot of girls within health wealth range have body image issues. Other studies of Heart, Lungs and Blood Institute almost 40% of 9 to 10 years old have tried to lose weight, other study revealed that 53% of 13 years old girls are unhappy with their body and statistic grows to 78% at the age 17. Body image issues can lead to low self esteem and eating disorders. Encourage your families to exercise and eat well with the goal of good long term health not a smaller dress size or better beach body.

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A lot of girls strive for perfection and aim to please their parents, teachers, and other adults. Perfectionism sound like a fine trait on the surface and in healthy doses it can fuel your daughters drive to succeed. But chronic perfectionism can lead to anxiety, eating disorders, depression, burnout and other problems for girls and for everyone. Evaluate your expectations for your daughter achievements in school, sports and other areas of her life. Show her that it is okay to ease up every once in a while. Would you rather have a child who sounds great on paper or learns skills to be happy and balanced for the rest of her life?

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What a pretty dress? You’re so cute? These things will probably hear us hundred of times during our daughter early years. But be aware of this kind of traits we value and compliments, they tend to be very appearance based which can set up bad model of self worth and unhealthy expectation to our daughter look into her teen years and adulthood. Physical compliments are find when balanced with praise for things like her funny personality, a creative imagination and strong in English or math skills. There is no better role model than our (mother) when it comes to showing for a young girl that beauty and self esteem come from within, not from make up, height, weight and clothes.

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Start young – keep your relationships going with your child is easier than starting one when you haven’t had one before. You may find them trying to pull away once they hit a certain age; just keep at it.

Find common ground – search for a thing that you and your teen are both interested in. it is easier to talk about something than you both have in common. That way, you can ask your teen a band new album rather than the same old how was school?

Be open to what they say – when you get your teen talking, do not be surprised if they say something you do not like. Just be open to what they are telling you instead of being judgmental. You can tell them you do not approve of something without attacking them. If they feel comfortable talking about serious things, they be more likely to come to you if they have a problem.

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There is nothing quite as dramatic as first love. It can be overwhelming, crushing and amazing when it does not work out. Figuring out how give decent advice to young people in the midst of this crazy love can be daunting as parent. A lot of parents who is gone through adolescence with an open heart may remember several of these gentle reminders to help guide the kids through this heady experience.

Take time, first love can feel intense. You may feel like you cannot live without this person, you cannot think of anything else. It is good to feel everything you are feeling, you are alive, you are young, and the whole world is fresh, new and exciting. As you are becoming more independent from your parents, you are going to have to rely on your own heart, develop sense of right and wrong and try to slow down the hectic pace. Hopefully you have parents who have instilled in you a sense of self worth, knowledge that you are special and important and that you deserve the time to get to know someone before getting physical.

Be smart, be educated, be protected, the hormones may be leading your desire to have sex with your partner. You have to be ready emotionally; you also have to have birth control. Even if you are even considering sex yet, it is best to visit your doctor and get educated and outfitted with birth control, not that you should immediately run out and uses it but having it will help you be protected when the right time does arise.

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I wanted to get a house help for quite some time now but my paranoia is killing me. If I don’t need it badly I really wouldn’t consider getting one. I really have this fear of getting a psycho house help. The only solution on this is to easy back ground back ground check an applicant first before officially hiring her. This is the only way I know that I could have a peace of mind knowing that the one I hired doesn’t have any criminal records or a history of mental illness or something. I am ridiculous, I know. But I believe that it is better safe than sorry.

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