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Sometimes it’s hard to a parents to remember that discipline is more about teaching than punishment. It is easy to get frustrated when your child acts out in public. Keeping cool and calm and follow these some tips to make an outing with your kids delight instead of disaster.

Set a clear boundaries for your child and let him know ahead of time what is expected of him. Stay calm, and consistent when disciplining and setting boundaries. Remember that each child has different temperament and development styles. Correct you child’s poor behavior without criticizing or belittling her as a person.

Praise a good behavior by providing positive reinforcement. Most of the children want to receive praise. If they know you will praise their good behavior then they are more likely to follow the boundaries set for them. Offer rewards for good behavior.


Generally you are going to want your kids to have a value you find important, the ones that have worked for you throughout your life. Have you ever taken a good look at what they are? Identifying values you find important is the first step in teaching your values to your kids. Make a list of values that are most important to you. Brainstorm as many as you can think and write them down, the order does not matter. Then after you run out the idea, go back and prioritize the list from most to least important.

1.     Cleanliness – a habit of keeping clean.

2.     Courage – state of mind that enables one to face danger or fear with confidence.

3.     Friendliness – state of being likeable to another person, enjoyment in their company.

4.     Honesty – quality of being truthful.

5.     Kindness – quality of being warm hearten, considerate, humane and sympathetic.

6.     Responsibility – state, quality or fact of being accountable.

7.     Compassion – deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled with the wish to relieve it.

When you have handle on which values you find most important for yourself, go back and make another list of the values you want for your kids to have. List the reasons you want your kids to have each value, and how you feel he will benefit.


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All children need to learn to be respectful, not only will it make your job as a parent easier, it will also improve the behavior and long term success of your child. Children who are not respectful often act out in school which gets them branded as trouble makers. Be sure that you model respectful behavior too; children learn the most by copying their parents.

Start early, this is the most important part of teaching your kids respect. Do not give in to your child because she refuses to stop begging or complaining. Do not tolerate any kind of disrespectful behavior. Teach children to address adult appropriately, either by calling them Mr. and Mrs. Or responding with yes mam and yes sir whenever they are asked questions by authority figures such as grandparents, teacher or neighbors. Discipline your kids for being disrespectful. Teach your kids to be good communicators. Notice respectful behavior.

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Raise your daughter as a person not like a princess, from the moment you find out that is not a baby girl, people probably showered you with adorable dresses, there is nothing wrong with dresses; a color pink, princess movies, toys and also birthday parties. A lot of little girls gravitate toward these things, even if their parents cringe at princesses and strive for gender neutral environment.

The important thing is to encourage all kind of imaginative play, not just dressing up pretty. Foster other traits through fantasy play like, toughness and assertiveness so that she is not always acting the demure princess role. Teach your daughter to be well rounded, well mannered and not the ruler of imaginary kingdom.

When she is young encourage her to step away from her princess playtime to do her chores, not just the dainty ones, focus on learning and teamwork and try a new things like soccer and karate. A five or six year’s old fan of princesses is one thing; sixteen years old who think she is a princess is a whole other beast.

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Mosquito bites are usually harmless for the baby just they are with adults. The cases are malaria, west nile virus and arboviral encephalitis, but in theses diseases are rare, parents should not be alarmed. Your baby react slightly swollen itchy bumps just as an adult would. Here are some potential exist for infection from scratching but it is minimal.

Avoid places where mosquitos thrive like woods, lakes, anywhere with stagnant water, flowery gardens or open food areas. Find an insect repellent that safe for your baby. Lightly spray an appropriate insect repellant in your baby clothes then in your hand to spread on his or in your baby skin.

Dress your baby tightly woven clothing, covers most of his or her exposed skin. Then offer some barrier to mosquitos, light colored clothing deters mosquitos more than dark color clothes. Avoid risky areas during dusk and dawn, the times of day when mosquitos are most active. Buy a mosquito netting for strollers, playmate and other places your baby may be in outside.

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Just like adults, children also often lie to avoid punishment, because parents have the responsibility to model good behavior and teach children from wrong, it’s important to teach children to be truthful. When the child lies, use the situation as a way to teach the behavior you desire.

Make a plan for dealing with lying, determine a punishment for lying. A child of six or seven might lose television or computer privileges for a day or two. Talk to your child about lying so he or she understands the importance of being truthful. Talk about how important it is to tell the truth even if he or she fears consequences. Promise your child that if he or she tells the truth about a mistake you will not punish the child as harshly.

Avoid creating situation which a child will want to lie, example if you know that a child disobeyed you do not ask the child if he or she disobeyed you. This will tempt the child to lie to try to avoid punishment, instead approach the situation without putting the child in the position of fighting the temptation to lie and instead deal directly with disobedience.

Explain a child why you are punishing him or her when he lies, give the punishment for lying that you already discussed with your child. Give punishment for disobeying also. Make both punishments separate and make sure you explain the distinction to your child so he or she understands you’re punishing he or her both lying and disobeying.

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In a past generation giving a child spanking or paddling was standard form of discipline. In reality, violent for of discipline not always achieve a desired result but instead the act often belittles the child, demeans the parent, teaches children to hit the causes the child to fear, in today society, a lot of effective ways to teach child to do the right things.

GROUNDING, this is a old method but still a good one. Grounding a child can be effective in two ways; first, it takes away her privileges. She understand that she has done something wrong and that are consequences to her actions. Second, disciplinary action is often required for children after they begin to fall in with the wrong crowd or are affected by negative influences.  Grounding child is effective in temporarily eliminating those influences and allowing the child to see that there may be better influences out there for her.

TAKE AWAY PRIVILEGES, grounding is one example of taking away a child privileges as discipline; however, there are many other means of taking away a child’s privileges. In today society, children are so reliant on electronics, taking away to computer privileges, television and any electronic games, including cell phone may be successful deterrent for wrongful behavior.

WRITING SENTENCES, it is effective measure of discipline, example write 1000 times of I WILL NOT PULL BETY HAIR AGAIN. Not only doest it takes away a child ability to play for the time being, but is a repetitious task that most children abhor.

ADDITIONAL CHORES, add more chores to your child, regular set of chores as a form of discipline. Order the child to perform a chore that he is not necessary used to; for instance, he could wash the car or clean the garage. This form of punishment could be used in conjunction with taking away the child privileges.


Being a responsible parent is the best thing you can do for your children, a good parenting is one of the hardest tasks you face as an adult; remember this children are a reflection of you and your parenting.

  1. Be consistent to your children, if you threaten punishment make it sure to follow through with it, avoid contradicting yourself and sending mixed messages. Child will never learn boundaries unless they receive consequences, follow through or your children walk all over you.
  2. Earn their respect, because you birthed them does not mean that they owe you forever. Involve them in some of the decision in your home. Acknowledge when they do a good thing like share or clean their room. Children need to grow up to be well rounded adults because of their parents not in spite on them.
  3. Establish routine and stick to it, children thrive on predictability so it’s important to do some things around the same time daily. Feed your children and put them down to sleep in the same time. If you stick on that routine, it’s easier to manage the children and have free time for you. Added benefits are that your children are happier and less irritable on their schedule.
  4. Instill the values of your children, responsible parenting means teaching your children to be responsible, respect, honesty, control, courage and compassion are some values that children need to learn and develop.
  5. Support other as much as possible; avoid contradicting each other especially in front of your children.
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Teenagers can be a challenge to convince to open up

Teenagers are notorious in being difficult to communicate with, in addition to them raging hormones, social life expectation are all time high and also their circle of friend will become critical point of importance in their lives. If you want to maintain the open communication and remind them that their family not their friend should be the number priority developing a close knit relationship is crucial.

BE SPECIFIC, instead of asking everyday question like “How was school?” or “How was your day”? Be more specific. Ask how your geometry class went today, who hung out with at lunch and how her friend doing. The more interesting you show their lives even if they do not show it right away, the more they will feel that you care and likewise be willing to open up to you.

AVOID ASKING YES OR NO QUESTIONS, this give the teenager opportunity to be vague and dodge answering question, this will likely block any type of conversation you are hoping to engage in. you ask open ended question that force to your teenager to elaborate further than simple yes or no or other one word responses.

ALWAYS AVAILABLE, though you are already thin trying to juggle the professional life with home life, it’s crucial that you stay available to your teen when she/he seems interested in talking with you. If your teenager hanging to your room, pay attention something may be on his mind, take opportunity to ask him how things are going and do not be afraid to get specific. Even if you are busy make have a time for him. Make him priority and you will find that his trust in you will grow.


Mothers' Day Cake crop

On mothers day set aside to acknowledge the hard work and loving care that goes into motherhood, honor the entire special mother in your life, like your friend, sisters, mother-in-law, grandmother, etc. these creative and unique ways…..

  1. Offer your mom a chance to explore into a new passion, if she is spoken of an unexplored interest like listening music, singing, playing a golf, gourmet cooking, etc. contact a local community center, a teacher or clubs for references.
  2. You can buy flowers or plant for her garden.
  3. Make her sigh with fabulous spa day or massage or you can book her a professional beauty treatment.
  4. Get computer hooked up to the internet, or you buy her a cell phone.
  5. Plant a container with lush mini herb garden that she can snip at will while cooking.
  6. Have some favorite family photographs matted and framed for her to enjoy.
  7. Take your mom to a local gym for sample session of yoga, tai chi or personal training session.
  8. Take her sewing machine in to get serviced.
  9. Gather you clan and book a professional photographer to take a portrait of the whole family.
  10. Buy a gift certificate from her favorite store where she usually wouldn’t indulge herself.
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