Children age 3 or 4, is very much her own person. He/she distinct likes and dislikes and the personality is developing more every day. He/she getting better and using words to express how the feeling, which is is means fewer tantrums. The mood may still change drastically from one moment to next, but it’s more likely to talk about being angry or sad rather than having a meltdown.


3 years old is beginning to understand the emotion of his/her feeling, still has very little control over them. If he finds something funny he laughs hysterically. If something makes him feel sad or angry, he burst into tears. At this age your preschooler still has developed much impulse control, if he/she feel something he likely to act on it.

4 years old may use hitting, biting or pushing as way to solve conflicts; they simply do not understand the difference between appropriate and inappropriate interactions yet. A parent job is to teach children the right and wrong ways to express emotions and resolve problems with others.

5 years old, a child has made leap and bounds in her emotional development. She gotten much better and regulating her emotions and talk about her feeling easily. She has also gotten better at controlling her impulses. She patiently waits her turn and often asks first before taking something that isn’t hers. A 5 years old age much more likely to express her anger using words, rather than getting physical or throwing tantrum.

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