Toddler hood particularly vexing time for parents because this age which children start to become more independent and discover themselves as individual, yet they still have limited ability to communicate and reason.  Here are some simple toddler discipline strategies to help make life easier for both you and your child.

#1 BE CONSISTENT, order and routine give young children a safe haven from what they view as overwhelming and unpredictable world. “When there are some predictability and routine, it makes children feel much more safe and secure and they then to be much more behaved and calm because they know what to expect”.  Try to keep same schedule every day, which means having consistent nap times, mealtimes and bedtimes as well as time when your toddler is free to just run around and have fun. Consistency is also important when it comes to discipline. When you say “no hitting” the first time your child smack another child on the playground, you also need to say no hitting the second, third and fourth times your child does it.

#2 AVOID STRESSFUL SITUATIONS, by the time your children reach the toddler stage, you spent enough with them to know their triggers. The most common ones are hunger, sleepiness and quick change of venue. With little advance planning, you can avoid these potential meltdown scenarios and keep things relatively calm.

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