Motivating teens

In order to help my girls to succeed in school, I started at the beginning by making sure that they are utilizing tools to know what they have due and when. It sounds simple, but they’re both in High School, and they both use a planner that I check nightly, which their teachers sign off on. This helps me to know what they have due each night and what tests are coming up, and helps the girls learn personal responsibility and accountability. If the planner is not signed, they do not get to do any after-school activities that day, including friends, tv, internet etc. That way there is an immediate consequence. If assignments are missing, then more privileges go out the door for a longer time. Structure is really helpful to some teens. Homework at our house is done at the dining room table always, so there’s none of that distracted, half-homework half-tv watching. Phones go off during homework time, as well as computers unless there is school work involved.

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