Children are learn by example set by the adults in their lives, whether the adult are the parents, teacher or the nannies the time they spend with children ill influence the youngster’s behavior and affect how they relate to others. Parents and nannies must show each other mutual respect and consideration by establishing guidelines and expectation for each other and also the children. By treating children the way you want to be treated by others you gain respect of children and teach them valuable life lessons.

Listen; show your children that you see those individual feelings, questions and opinions. Listen when the kids want to tell you about something they are concerned with or something of interest to them. If children are not comfortable talking to their nanny about everyday events and interest they will not talk about concerns and fears which the nanny needs to be aware of to form a strong bond.

Make eye contact, sit and talk to your children in a way that makes them feel the time spent with them in valued. Many instances when you talk to them while washing dishes or doing laundry but take time to sit down face to face and make eye contact while talking them. In this kind of manner your children realize or feel that they are important and opens the door of sharing many experiences both education and emotional.

Respect their ideas; treat the children with respect by valuing their question, ideas and opinions. No one enjoy being laughed or say something. Children think and feel just as adult do but they express those thoughts and feeling differently. They may interpret something incorrectly which will need to be explained to them, but this does not mean you should brush aside or ridicule their interpretation.

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