Many people collects coin but only few have us silver. I then remember my grandfather who used to collect coins. He always shows it to me and I always ask him why he collects coins instead of spending it. He just laughed at me and told me that there will be the right time to use those coins, not today but someday. He also added that I might not understand him but surely time will come that I will remember our talk that morning. He died years after and he gave all his collections of bullion coin to me. Since I am still young during those times, I just keep all of the coins in my cabinet.

Decades after, I now have my own family and unfortunately my family was faced with a big problem. My son was diagnosed with a debilitating disease and he needs to be operated soon. The operation is quite expensive and my income is not enough. I was so problematic when my friend advices to sell my coins. That is when I remember what my grandfather told me. True enough, those coins are hidden treasures, from coins their cost suddenly multiplies and I was so thankful with my grandfather. I sell all my coins including US silver and I was able pay my son’s hospitalization. I know my grandfather is happy wherever he is because I used his coins at the right time and for the perfect reason.

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