Help a Teenager With Heartache

It is almost inevitable that at some point every teenager will go through heartache. This likely will seem like the end of the world to them at least for a short time and as parents you will worry about your teenager during this period. Here are some steps you can take to help your teenager through this tough time.

REMIND OF GOOD QUALITIES – a bad breakup can reduce anyone’s self esteem and this is especially true for teenagers who might not have developed their own reserves of confidence as yet. Tell her of the great qualities she has and what she has to look forward to and remind her of the friends she has who are there for her.

COMMUNICATION – your teen might not feel much like talking when heartbroken especially to his parents but ensure that he knows that you are there if need be. Keep communication channels open and remind him that you are willing to talk through what has happened if he wants.

GIVE TIME – don’t expect you’re teen to get over her heartbreak immediately, and don’t pressure her into talking or taking action if she doesn’t want to at least not initially. Teens vary in how they react to heartbreak and while some simply appear withdrawn for a few days in other feelings surface as anger.

GO OUT – if your teen is feeling down and moping around it could be that she’s stuck in a rut and doesn’t know what to do with her self. You can attempt to get her out of this situation by encouraging her to go out and get involved with new activities or meet with friends.

PAY ATTENTION TO WARNING SIGNS – while many teen overcome heartbreak and are back to their usual selves in no time, you should be aware that heartbreak can lead to depression.

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