Words That the Mother Cannot Say to the Child

Adults usually because of life stress, work stress, emotional, temper factors may get angry to the children, which will get hurt the child’s proper pride, and will let the kid confused or angry. In children’s fragile heart, may put the blame that parents don’t love him, which thus affects children’s character. A word escaped from your mouth can easily become a kind of hurt. That hurt might be temporarily invisible. Your child is taken care of by yourself. His (her) future performance depends on what kinds of seeds you plant today.

Parents sometimes are terribly busy and extremely distracted. Sometimes when they are, disturbed by children, they will say to the child: “don’t bother me, don’t you see I’m busy doing housework?” So, parents may feel nothing, just hope themselves can have an independent space. But in the child’s view, this sentence means that parents don’t put the child seriously, think that what they do is meaningless. Actually to the growing children, parents’ concern is the nourishment with which they grow. Expert proposes, no matter how busy parents are, they should squeeze playing time with children, give the child the opportunity to being listened, so that the child can feel being valued and cared, and grow healthily.

For two years old child running around, like an energetic animal, some parents would say this child is a little crazy, but the child’s behavior of this phase is such, keep running everywhere, especially active, which is normal. But when the child reaches school age, he may not give up the behavior habits because of the growth of the age. He continues to do so, seems to want to try to conform to the title that mother gives him.

Theoretically, most parents are declaring to give children the freedom of association. However, from the perspective of growth, most parents worry that their children will make friends inadvertently, going to the wrong direction. Apart from the parents’ unwitting relationship outside, “friends” that the child takes home, often make us unpleasant. Therefore, in the child’s making friends, almost no parents will completely let it drift.

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