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There is a new kind of emerging parents, called the hyper-parent. Parents are usually well intended but they micro-manage every detail of their child’s life. They live in constant fear that their child is under performing in some areas of their lives, whether that be. academic, social, or strong


In this he states: “Does it matter what kind of preschool your child goes to No. Is your child better off in a play-based preschool than an academic preschool Yes But this whole notion that the bigger one is full future?. it absolutely depends on the common and ordinary choices that parents have to work all the time … (not) true, “says Levine, who calls hyper parenting” misplaced the energy “that creates anxiety in children and can lead to depression and stress-related disorders later in life.

“Unless we start paying a lot of attention to it, that we are going to see a continued increase in health problems (in children> ).”

But there are indications that render all parents engaged in their children may not have the outcome they had hoped for. In fact, it appears to be having the opposite effect. As the first batch of hyper-parented kids (Generation Y) emerges into adulthood, they do not seem to be quite ready for the real world. University psychologists report today’s students experience higher levels of anxiety than any generation before them. And employers are pulling their hair out as Gen Y employees show up to work with an unprecedented sense of right – ‘Paying your dues “is not part of their vernacular. They require a lot of oversight and challenge them with everything from dress code in office hierarchy.

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