Development of cooperation Parenting Skills: working together to Raise Happy Kids


is not easy. It’s actually quite tedious. If no parent willing to negotiate, or communicate, the child has the task of parenthood, from one style to another. As a parent educator and family therapist, I have many frightened and confused children by their parents’ conflicting rules and styles seen affected. Sometimes children do this under the same roof, and sometimes less than two years, but the bottom line is that it is the responsibility of parents, to create a balance.

Identifying your personal style and motivations. My first job in successful a collaboration is parent to find out your general style and motivations. If it all up to you, how would you parents, how would motivate your children how you would use punishment and encouragement, what are the top 10 values that you would like to teach your children? Now the question is, why, why would you be your style, what is your motivation how did your parents parent? Are you trying to repeat their education or to compensate for it? Share your parenting style and motivation with your co-parent. I understand that you may feel vulnerable parts of your style and motivation. Your style may be different than your spouse style. so that you and your partner to co-parent successfully, you must appreciate both support and ideas you bring to the table. When you hear when the other parent to come, will make it possible merge. Before deciding on a parenting style and direction, contact parenting books and classes. Now you have looked at each other parenting style, look, collectively, good parenting books and the current research. Report to reimburse each other and consider how your Styles to measure up. Decide to mix for a parenting style. You now have several examples of parenting strategies and philosophies. His time, what do you think with what your co-parent believes and what the experts say. This is the ultimate in negotiations, but remember that if you do not negotiate at the adult level, it allows your child to find out. Once you have decided, then write down the basics and you embrace your new co-parenting style. Implement your new co-parenting style. Now, parents can! Both parents are on the same page. Children are on what is expected of them and what are the consequences if they do not significantly to the family’s expectations. This reduces He argued to the opportunities between the parents and the opportunities for manipulation by the children. Hold weekly co-parenting meeting with your spouse. As the CEO of your family or business in a very real way, you have to stay in constant contact . The success or failure of your family is in your capable hands. Thus, co-parenting sessions is a must! These meetings should also finances, home care, parenting and relationship problems. Meetings should be held in the week with a schedule book, magazine, and meeting budget book in his hand. Next to review your parenting. You can tell that a child lives under your new system, while another loses his balance. Good cooperation assess parents always new and restructure, if necessary.

We are therefore busy parents today. It is difficult, the time to evaluate our parenting styles, but profit is great for you as a parent unit and to take for your child. Co-parenting takes the pressure of our children and the conflict out of our lives .

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