Coloring Pages are great for kids

Giving your kids coloring pages to work on is a great activity and one that is always popular in my household. If you haven’t tried this simple method to keep your kids happy then I can really recommend you try it.

If you have a printer (like most homes will these days) and some A4 paper then you are good to go. Surf on over to a site like and browse the categories there to see what you think your kids would enjoy. There is a wide range of choices, such as Disney, Dora the Explorer, Handy Manny, Tinkerbell and Winnie The Pooh (and many more).

Once you have selected something your child enjoys, just choose your pages and print them out. Maybe make a few copies of each to you have a good supply on hand.

Best of all, everyone can join in. If the grandparents are over they can sit and work on pages with your children. This classic pastime doesn’t exclude anyone, unlike videogames which might not be understood by the older generation.

They also travel well. Grab a few next time you are heading out the door on a long journey, or even use them to kill time at the airport or bus station. All you need is a small pack of crayons which fit easily in a handbag or even purse. Or why not give the kids a small backpack and let them carry their own coloring pages. Make it a part of your leaving the house routine that they can quickly gather up some toys and coloring pages so they have their own amusement at hand.

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