How To Throw An Amazing Spiderman Birthday Party

An Amazing Spiderman Birthday Party can give the young Marvel fan in your life an experience they’ll never forget. As a child, my father made sure that our birthdays were special. One year he took an old air conditioner box and cut a hole for my head and shoulders to go through. A few pieces of rope, with pipe insulation to make it soft, made sure I could “wear” the box.

With Paper Mache and some cardboard pieces, he made fins for the back of what would become a Batmobile. With the box sprayed black, and some bats spray painted on with cardboard templates, I had a Batmobile I could wear with my Batman costume. Needless to say, it was a hit with all the kids.

You can take some of my father’s creativity and apply it to your Amazing Spiderman birthday party. A few cans of Silly String (sometimes you can find this at the Dollar Store) and you have some web shooter themed, economically affordable favors for guests.

A simple home made birthday cake from a box can easily be dressed up with red tinted icing and some black tinted icing to draw webs or even Spidey’s face. You can also buy or make a Spiderman pinata which can be filled with candy and gum. You can save a bit of money on your Amazing Spiderman birthday party by printing your own invitations. For another economical Spiderman themed touch, a few packs of the inexpensive Handful of Heroes figures could be used on the cake, after washing thoroughly of course.

Local or online party shops will be able to provide all the odd items such as napkins, plates, cups and anything else you may need for your Amazing Spiderman birthday party. Some face paint and creativity on your part will allow you to do Spiderman face painting for those who want them. The level of creativity can be adjusted to fit the needs of the age group or specific party guests as well.

Comic books also make a great treat to give out as party favors. Packs of comics can be found in dollar stores, online auctions and retail comic book outlets. A very nice side bonus of giving comic books is that they are a great way to get kids to read in a fun way. A boost in literacy is something no parent can complain about.

Creativity is king when trying to save money and provide a memorable experience for your young Marvel fan. Spending just a few extra dollars can make your party one to remember. With a balance of money and creativity, you can have your friendly neighborhood’s best Amazing Spiderman birthday party.

If you would like more Amazing Spiderman birthday party ideas, please see my Lens. For even more information, please see my Amazing Spiderman birthday party Blog. My name is Jim McClinsey and writing helpful articles is my passion.

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