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My brother, who is setting up our music school, is planning to get a speaker just like his musicians friend electro voice speakers. I really don’t have much knowledge about speakers what I know is it is essential. I have my speakers on my office and home and I am pretty proud of what I’ve got. I am happy of the sound outcome.

I still want to gather some outside advice and insight about this. If you would like to suggest a nice speaker for our music school feel free to comment or send an email. We need expert input about all this musical stuff.


Love and mutual respect should be cornerstones of your relationship with your children. Using force to discipline your children can seriously harm the foundation of your relationship. A physical punishment can deter the development of the child self esteem and self control. Instead of implementing physical force, use positive disciplinary techniques that encourage respect and reasoning of your child.

Break past cycles of physical punishment, you’re not bound by punishment your parents employed or even you’re won past method of discipline. Work at staying calm, when the emotion is out of control you are more likely use to a force with your children. Try to understand the situation through a perspective of your child. Count one to ten before disciplining your child. Take a few moments to think about the circumstances and gather you’re though before the react to the behavior of your child.

Offer your children alternative poor behavior, instead of threatening corporal punishment to stop children from misbehaving, tell them they can participate for a desirable activity as soon as they start making better behavioral choices. Try constructive time out, tell your child that they need to take a break to think about how they can change their behavior and make different choices.

Encourage good behavior using positive rewards, display a sticker chart in your home and let your child place sticker on the chart each time they behave well. Offer stickers for particular chores, act of kindness or when you child exhibit positive attitudes, ignore attention seeking behavior, children sometimes behave poorly to garner attention.

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