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Toggle bolts for your walls

I am redesigning my place by hanging some decorations to my plain wall but the problem is I can’t do it on my own. My friend offered his help and just asked me to buy some toggle bolts. Well, honestly, I wasn’t able to say a word when he asked for that because I really have no idea about that thing. My idea is that I will just nail my frames in there so what are toggle bolts and what are they for I questioned myself then. He laughed at me when he saw my blank stare at him and explained to be that toggle bolts are just like fastener only that it is used for walls while fastener are for folders. He told me to worry no more because he has a lot of toggle bolts in his place so the next day he bring it with him.

He showed it to me and explained how it works. I am not a hardware-inclined person but I was amazed with how it actually works. He first drilled a hole into my wall then he attached the bolt into the object to be hung carefully then he attached the toggle into the bolt. As simple as it may sound but it looks more complicated in the actual. I am just so lucky that I don’ need to understand those things because he is with me to do it. I am just happy that my frames and my decorations are now hanging safely into my wall. Now, my wall don’t look plain anymore and I am assured that with toggle bolts those decorations are securely installed.