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In many cases people are single parents because it is their best or option. Despite what you hear in media, sing parenting is not all bad news. If you can manage to sort out the difficulties of issue like money, childcare and the relationship with the child’s other parents, single parenting is a joy. You can gain closeness with your kids plus the increased of sense of control or opportunity to parent from you own vision.

Understand single parents legal and financial responsibilities, have a legal aspects sorted out as soon as possible. Talk a lawyer if the baby’s other parent is living he or she hold financial responsibility too.

Clarify the custody and visitation, keeping it casual is fine for as long as the both party agree. It is better your roles clearly defined legally for your own protection. The day may come when your baby’s other parent decide to move and take the baby along. Clearly, you need to know this cannot happen.

Clarify you specific need for the support and ask for help, whether you are single parents from the beginning because of the spouse death, divorce, you will need help from other people. Even if you decided to have the baby when everybody advised you not to, still ask for help. Start with your own personal resources network. Who in this network? Just about everybody you know, bother, sister, or your next door neighbor. Be specific about what you need. You don’t want an ear for your whining, you want somebody to take the baby for an hour between 2 to 3 every Saturday afternoon so you get a NAP, SHOWER, MASSAGE AND MANICURE. Rely on the kindness of childless adult friends who desperately want a little kid action in their lives with doing it full time.

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Medical Supplies

Shan Medical is one of the leading healthcare products provider in the market and is now also available via online. They have a complete stocks of medical equipments that when you visit their website you will surely find what you are looking for. You may want to search for compression socks in the internet and it will direct you to their website and from there you will see their wide collection of therapuetic compression socks like anti-embolism stockings and diabetic stockings.

Shan Medical had been in the industry for more than twenty years now. Most of the companies like them were now closed but Shan Medical is still here, continuously growing and even expanding. Their dedication in giving us nothing but only the best medical products made them very successful. Their caring and service-oriented staff had helped a lot in putting them to where they are now.


Children are learn by example set by the adults in their lives, whether the adult are the parents, teacher or the nannies the time they spend with children ill influence the youngster’s behavior and affect how they relate to others. Parents and nannies must show each other mutual respect and consideration by establishing guidelines and expectation for each other and also the children. By treating children the way you want to be treated by others you gain respect of children and teach them valuable life lessons.

Listen; show your children that you see those individual feelings, questions and opinions. Listen when the kids want to tell you about something they are concerned with or something of interest to them. If children are not comfortable talking to their nanny about everyday events and interest they will not talk about concerns and fears which the nanny needs to be aware of to form a strong bond.

Make eye contact, sit and talk to your children in a way that makes them feel the time spent with them in valued. Many instances when you talk to them while washing dishes or doing laundry but take time to sit down face to face and make eye contact while talking them. In this kind of manner your children realize or feel that they are important and opens the door of sharing many experiences both education and emotional.

Respect their ideas; treat the children with respect by valuing their question, ideas and opinions. No one enjoy being laughed or say something. Children think and feel just as adult do but they express those thoughts and feeling differently. They may interpret something incorrectly which will need to be explained to them, but this does not mean you should brush aside or ridicule their interpretation.

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Children’s need a boundary in their lives; just as to knowing a certain room is their territory like bedroom. Boundaries provide sense of security one important thing your child needs, love and security. As a parents expect the boundaries to tested but hold them firm.

Children need boundaries and will continually push them until they fine one that holds, meaning they will keep pushing your button until it becomes explosives. If their situations get to the explosive points, you have both lost. Discipline in love, not in anger because your button has been pushed to many times. Follow up when the first boundaries is pushed, not he last one of many. Both of your lives are much happier and more peaceful.

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King of Comedy died last July 10, 2012 at 8:34 PM (age of 83). Rodolfo Vera Quizon Sr. or know as Dolhpy is a Filipino comedian-actor in the Philippines. He was widely regarded as KING OF COMEDY because of his talent to make the people laugh by his long roster of work on the stage, television, radio and movies.

THANK YOU KING OF COMEDY for your decades of laughter. GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN…..


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<p>People are asking why I bought a pet bed for my dog and I just replied with a sweet laugh. I guess they will never understand the love I have for my pet because they have no pet; and I am certain that those who have, understand me. I treat my pet as my baby actually and I am the one directly taking care of her. I even buy her milk to drink and pet dresses to wear so when I walk her outside she’ll look and feel beautiful. The pet bed actually is not just for my pet but also for my own good. My dog usually sleeps beside me and I mean sleep literally in my bed beside me. Unfortunately I have asthma and whenever she lay down in my bed all her fur is on my bed linens the next morning and that triggers my asthma. So I consulted my veterinarian what can I do and she told me to buy her a pet bed which I did. I was so happy with the result because she loves her own bed. I guess the foam molds my dog’s body contour that is why she is so comfortable lying down there. Also, this pet bed have pressure points features which means that the moment my pt lay down there, she’ll feel like she is in the spa because hr pressure points are like being massage. Wow! That is very comfortable and relaxing for her. Now, she don’t sleep beside me anymore because she now have her bed she can call her own.</p>


Teenager are typically begin when she/he explore dating. With hormones in full swing it is almost impossible not to notice the opposite sex while at school and hanging out with her friends. Dating can be difficult change to adjust teens. We must learn how to cope with new feeling and brace them as well. There are some few things you can do to make the dating experience run smoothly, though. With the right attitude, you can have fun at the same time.

Going on for a first dates, first date can be nerve wracking regardless of your age, when experiencing the dating scene for the first time, however, teenagers often have big expectations. Whether you are going to the movies or out of dinner it is important to remember that everyone has different view of what it means to go on the first date.

Personal limits, before you begin dating to someone, it is important to set personal limits for yourself to maintain your confidence and self respect. If you aren’t interested in kissing your partner until the third date, your partner should be able to respect your wishes. Likewise, if your partner does not want to kiss until the third date, you should take his or her feeling into account as well. A big part of building successful relationship is creating a bond of trust between one another. The definition of dating can be anything you want, which is why it is crucial to be yourself and remember to do what is the best for you.

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Many people collects coin but only few have us silver. I then remember my grandfather who used to collect coins. He always shows it to me and I always ask him why he collects coins instead of spending it. He just laughed at me and told me that there will be the right time to use those coins, not today but someday. He also added that I might not understand him but surely time will come that I will remember our talk that morning. He died years after and he gave all his collections of bullion coin to me. Since I am still young during those times, I just keep all of the coins in my cabinet.

Decades after, I now have my own family and unfortunately my family was faced with a big problem. My son was diagnosed with a debilitating disease and he needs to be operated soon. The operation is quite expensive and my income is not enough. I was so problematic when my friend advices to sell my coins. That is when I remember what my grandfather told me. True enough, those coins are hidden treasures, from coins their cost suddenly multiplies and I was so thankful with my grandfather. I sell all my coins including US silver and I was able pay my son’s hospitalization. I know my grandfather is happy wherever he is because I used his coins at the right time and for the perfect reason.


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Just because your child is teen does not mean communication has to end. Despite the stereo type of teens shutting parents out of their lives, they still need parenting. Respect and patience are the two tools you can not do without if you want to keep the communication lines open with your teens. It can be hard work, but it can also make all the difference in your teen’s life.

ACTIVE LISTENING, active and respectful listening is one of the most crucial tools you have when communicating with your teen it’s often far less important what you say than what you hear. Your teens need to know that you will not just listen to what they are saying but also hear what they are trying to communicate. Learn to observe body language to ask question to check for understanding and to give neutral responses. Do not interrupt your teen when she is talking to you. Demonstrate genuine and loving interest.

FIGHT FAIR, arguments to your teens are almost inevitable, your job is to keep him safe and ensure that he learn about life. His job is pull away from you and begins to establish his independence. The two of you are from different generations and won’t always see things the same way. So do not expect to avoid all fights. When you fight learn ways to fight fairly. This includes establishing ground rules about how to speak to each other respectfully, giving yourself time out when one or other of you need time to calm down emotionally, allowing each other of you a chance to speak, listening and respectfully when the other is speaking and respecting yourself by stabling appropriate boundaries and rules.

SHARE STORIES, talk to your teens about your life experiences, and be open and honest about them. Do not simply use them as illustration for lectures. Share with your teen who you are so that you’re teen will be more willing to share who she is with you. Tell your teen about choices you made when you were a teenager. Be frank about which ones you would do differently now and why. Be equally honest about decisions that you would make the same way again if given a choice. Talk about how things are different and how they are the same.