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We all want to grow up our kids to be polite and behaved and I believe that learning those lessons are starts from our home. It is too early to teach our kids a basic manner. Here are some tips and advices about the important of good manners you should try to teach your little one before they go to the school.

  1. Always saying thank you and please, whether a small thing giving to your kids or asking if they want to play a game with her classmate very importance of saying thank you. No matter how young your kids are you can’t start enforcing this rule to early.
  2. Table manners, if your kids are learning eating at the table start teaching them a table manner you like them to have for the rest of your lives. Example, not eating when their mount is full or open, not putting their elbow on the table, this is good to learn your kids as soon as possible.
  3. Play dates, when your kids attend on a play dates or birthday parties, remind them to say thank their friend’s parent for having them over. If you’re going to attending a play date or event with your kids, ensure your kids ones know they should treat their friends parents with the same respect they treat you.
  4. Party Etiquette, it is often said that kids go wild parties all the sweet snack and fun can make little ones get excited, and sometimes forget their manners. No matter how excited your kids on the parties there are some manner they should forget: not saying thank you for every gift received, and open their present thoughtfully.
  5. Mind the language, there is a moment that every parents dreads, the moment your kids one swears and then find funny. The worst thing you do in the scenario is laugh. Let them know that you already know that word, you think it is unpleasant, not funny and ask your kids one no to use it again.
  6. Excuse me; if your kids mastering saying thank you and please teach them to say excuse me. It is polite thing to say when you have to interrupt someone or bump into somebody.
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