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The money you can save by teaching thrift to your kids can add up in many ways than one. First, you achieve your family saving goals. Second, you get kids to start learning how to think before they spend. Third, kids get to participate in every idea, who knows, your kids may finally get into saving and cut down on spending, there are some few ideas and see.

CLOTHES, put a fashion show at home and create CAT WALK on the living room, let your kids model of old clothes from their wardrobe. Let your family members serve a fashion show judges and round of applause, votes on clothes that are still ready to wear and what ready for the yard sale or for consignment store.

GOING OUT, buy a bulk of candy, use baggies to sort into grab bags for road trip and watching movies, the saving will be huge especially compared to prices for a theater candy. Get annual planning of family passes to a favorite places like zoo, museum, fun center and amusement parks. After all, kids pretty to much like going to same places anyway.

STAYING IN, if your kids go to the movie two or three times a month, eliminate one and replace it with family movie night. Make your own pop corn and buy soda pops by liter. Watch now much you save every month.

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We all want to grow up our kids to be polite and behaved and I believe that learning those lessons are starts from our home. It is too early to teach our kids a basic manner. Here are some tips and advices about the important of good manners you should try to teach your little one before they go to the school.

  1. Always saying thank you and please, whether a small thing giving to your kids or asking if they want to play a game with her classmate very importance of saying thank you. No matter how young your kids are you can’t start enforcing this rule to early.
  2. Table manners, if your kids are learning eating at the table start teaching them a table manner you like them to have for the rest of your lives. Example, not eating when their mount is full or open, not putting their elbow on the table, this is good to learn your kids as soon as possible.
  3. Play dates, when your kids attend on a play dates or birthday parties, remind them to say thank their friend’s parent for having them over. If you’re going to attending a play date or event with your kids, ensure your kids ones know they should treat their friends parents with the same respect they treat you.
  4. Party Etiquette, it is often said that kids go wild parties all the sweet snack and fun can make little ones get excited, and sometimes forget their manners. No matter how excited your kids on the parties there are some manner they should forget: not saying thank you for every gift received, and open their present thoughtfully.
  5. Mind the language, there is a moment that every parents dreads, the moment your kids one swears and then find funny. The worst thing you do in the scenario is laugh. Let them know that you already know that word, you think it is unpleasant, not funny and ask your kids one no to use it again.
  6. Excuse me; if your kids mastering saying thank you and please teach them to say excuse me. It is polite thing to say when you have to interrupt someone or bump into somebody.
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Working mom is really silly, because you are mom you are working. We all know that working mom; work both at home and outside. If you are working mom, you may read this post because I think you need some advice to make it all work or you want to make the situation even better.

SCHEDULE, this is the first thing you must do, a person without schedules are lost especially the mother. Schedule is actually good for the whole family.

QUALITY TIME, you make it sure that there is a quality time to your children. You need to have a moment with your children.

SOLO TIME, how can you work as a working mom to make enough space to your family and now you may get a solo time. A woman without space will get very edgy. It does create negative energy which drains you even more and make those who are nudging you nudge some more.

SOMETHING TO LOOK FORWARD, a working mom with something to look forward can really make regular days feel easier and more energized. You may plan for family vacation or you may arrange for the two of you to go off alone.

It is great for everyone mom when you relaxed and happy so make it happen!

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Bring home the entertainment

Whatever television you have in your house it would be much better if indoor tv antennas are installed in it. Because with indoor tv antennas you will surely receive clearer signals. Moreover, with these types of antennas, you can reach more HDTV programs and watching will surely be much entertaining.

Gone are the days where you and your family content yourselves in watching tv programs that emits no blurred or no images at all. Enough are those moments where you find yourself in the roof fixing your outdoor antenna while your kid shouts to you if the signal is back already or not. With today’s technology, you, all you have to do is sit back and relax and your indoor tv antennas will make your watching moment simply enjoyable. No adjustment needed, just place your indoor tv antenna on top of your television and it will search every possible channel it can search.

Now, who says that entertainment is expensive? With indoor television antenna that cost just couple of dollars you can actually bring entertainment in your own place. Experience it, savor it and share it to your family members and you will just find yourself having quality bonding time with your wife and children and that is what you call life!


Providing healthy foods for our kids has become increasing concern, a lot of country has seen rising rates of obesity in young people. It means that more kids than ever before face higher risk of diabetes, high blood, and other illness.

  1. Incidence of obesity in children and teens has triple over last 20 years.
  2. Healthy choice, a food pyramid for kids can serve as a useful guide to healthy food for kids. Pyramid include: GRAINS, six ounce a day, whole grain cereals and bread are best. VEGETABLE, 2-1/2 cup every day. FRUITS, 1-1/2 cup every day, fresh, frozen and can fruits make better choice than juices which have high sugar levels. DAIRY, including cheese, milk, and yogurt, 2 cups every day for the kids up to eight years old and three cups for older kids and teens. MEAT AND BEANS, five ounce every day, lean meats such as chicken, fish, and turkey are best. Beans and nuts also provide protein.
  3. Healthy balance, a kid eats too much protein, to much sugar and salt and not nearly enough fruits and vegetables. The solution: better food choices. Buy low fat milk, fresh fruits and vegetables instead of soft drinks, sweets and packaged snacks.
  4. Check the labels, a food that seem healthy can contain surprisingly amount of sweetener or salty. Even foods labeled as diet can have lots of calories, when buying a food, review the ingredients labels and listed serving sizes carefully, choose a foods with low sugar, salt and fat contents.
  5. Most important meal, breakfast make a greats start of the day, a children who eat breakfast are better nourished, more alert and more likely to active during the day.
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I started to appreciate the use of a gps locator since I have to use one the other day. I am not telling whom I use it to and the reason behind my need to use it because it is very confidential and work related. Before I am against using gps because of privacy issues until I’ve discovered how cool and awesome it works.

I still have some apprehensions about it though for the same reasons that I find this violating one’s privacy. I guess we just need some guidelines or certain rules on using this. How about you? Have you tried this gps locator? How’s your experience with that?


FATHER’S DAY is the way to celebrate all the fathers stand for and what our fathers mean to us. Celebrating father’s day involve expressing how much you love your father through ways that are limited only in imagination and your father’s preferences. With moderate amount of planning and deliberation, a meaningful father’s day can be achieved.

Make a list of your father’s day goal, next is, make a list of his likes and dislikes, like favorite colors, perfumes, sports, movies, and foods. Also make a list of his hobbies like hiking, gym, swimming, etc. How much money you want to spend on activities like movies, meals out, play a sports, and also how much money to spend on gifts.

Request each person on your family member to make him something one or more weeks before a father’s day. Young children make a card; older children make a short picture book about your father. Plan order of events on father’s day in accordance with how your father wants to spend his day, like whether he wants a leisurely day or high energy day. Include several eventful meals to spice up the day like breakfast/bunch, picnic lunch, and barbeque dinner at home. Take one more pictures when you feel a moment is meaningful.

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We are now definitely living on a computer age. I don’t know if this is a good thing or bad thing for all of us because obviously we all now depend on computers. Depending on computers has made our lives a lot easier. I think that I can blame this on human race’s natural lazy traits. We are all having this drive to make all things easy for us, and if this nature wouldn’t bite us in the end then well and good.

Speaking of depending on computers, I had been chosen to enroll on a c# programming (check out: It is basically is for those employees like me who needs c# programming help. Obviously we would be using that program on our line of work and we need to know about it. I am excited with this though. Additional knowledge always excites me. When I am about to learn something new I all for it because I believe that knowledge is power.

So I digress. Personally, it doesn’t bother me having to depend on computers. I think it’s all good as long as we never forget to depend on it responsibly. We need to have the conscious effort to remind ourselves that we are the ones who put an intention to every action. Computers for me are just robots that needs to be controlled and that’s where the moderation take place.