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Child attention span is less than adults but there are some surefire ways you can maximize your child ability to focus. Even though you cannot control what goes on the school you can optimize your child home life and environment with the right foods, habits and activities. If you invest the development of your child attention span and concentration it will be easier for your child to achieve the school success now and in the future.

  1. Minimize your child stress, emotional problem at home translate into distraction at the school. Talk any issues so they do not continue affecting your child outside the home.
  2. Get your child a habit of concentration, provide a quit place with limited distraction for your child to work on homework or some specific task.
  3. Feed your child a nutritious and healthy food, not only balance diet important for optimal mental health.
  4. Encourage your child to read, reading is one of a healthy pastime that allows your child to develop the kind of attention span they need for school success.
  5. Keep your children moving, physical activity increases blood circulation to the brain, which can improve concentration and even academic performance.
  6. Incorporate art into your child life, an artistic outlet is therapeutic for of expression, promotes creativity and allows child to develop and maintain focus.
  7. Teach your child to meditate, develop body awareness in children eight years old or younger by asking them to move different parts of their bodies.
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I have a brother who is a part of a rock band. He is one of the lead guitarists and I saw him play tons of times and I still couldn’t get that awesome feeling of pride of that fact that it was my brother on stage doing his guitar thing. I can say that I am a very proud sister. I envy my brother though because of his music inclination. I wish I also know how to play a musical instrument.

This week is my brother’s birthday week and I decided to buy aphex effects pedals for him. I know he would love those. I can’t wait to see the excitement on his face.

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Editing photos has become more of a therapy for me than a habit. It gives me a certain kind of achievement and happiness that could even explain. I edit digital photos and put my artistic taste to it. I love all my finished products even the crappy ones, I would still keep those because I exerted effort. So yeah, A for the effort. I can say that I am doing fairly well. There are some of my finished products that I can safely say that I can put into canvas prints. I cannot still say I am already an expert on this editing photo stints. I am still learning a lot of stuff about filtering and textures when it comes to editing effects, aside from the fact that I still don’t know how to use Photoshop.

My lack of knowledge on this Photoshop thing limits my creative ideas on editing digital photos. I am using different software but I can only do little as compare to if I know how to use Photoshop. I have tried learning it myself with a lot of help on YouTube tutorials but I am having lots of difficulty which I am not proud of because I ended up looking stupid. So I decided to just enroll on a real Photoshop class. I really want to learn Photoshop badly.

Just thinking about all the possibilities of producing a photo that looked like it is professionally edited makes me giddy already. I am already excited to all the things that I can do once I learn all this Photoshop skills. I am looking forward to that day that I can finally look to all my edited photos with such pride. I know I sound so ridiculous saying all this crazy things but I really don’t care. This thing makes me happy.


Being a responsible parent is the best thing you can do for your children, a good parenting is one of the hardest tasks you face as an adult; remember this children are a reflection of you and your parenting.

  1. Be consistent to your children, if you threaten punishment make it sure to follow through with it, avoid contradicting yourself and sending mixed messages. Child will never learn boundaries unless they receive consequences, follow through or your children walk all over you.
  2. Earn their respect, because you birthed them does not mean that they owe you forever. Involve them in some of the decision in your home. Acknowledge when they do a good thing like share or clean their room. Children need to grow up to be well rounded adults because of their parents not in spite on them.
  3. Establish routine and stick to it, children thrive on predictability so it’s important to do some things around the same time daily. Feed your children and put them down to sleep in the same time. If you stick on that routine, it’s easier to manage the children and have free time for you. Added benefits are that your children are happier and less irritable on their schedule.
  4. Instill the values of your children, responsible parenting means teaching your children to be responsible, respect, honesty, control, courage and compassion are some values that children need to learn and develop.
  5. Support other as much as possible; avoid contradicting each other especially in front of your children.
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All parents want their kids to be intelligent and succeed in life but how do we go about it? Well, it is actually a lot of easier than you think and all it takes is some love and patience. Kids can learn to be smarter just by discovering and applying techniques taught by their parents.

Read your kids everyday to help foster his intelligence. Even it they are only babies, children can pick up on words and sounds quickly and will eventually repeat the thing they hear to their parents say. Reading can quickly enhance the intelligence of your kids.

Have fun with puzzle, even the simplest puzzle for adult it can be exciting for the child to master. Start with 4 to 6 puzzle and incorporate harder puzzle as the child learn to connect the shapes. Before you know it children will pick up the puzzle on their own and put them together as if they had been doing forever. Puzzle is the great way to tech children problem solving techniques.

Let your child draw a plain piece of paper with crayons, children who encouraged to used their creativity are more likely to try new things later and in turn become inquisitive about the world around them. Intelligence is born through curiosity, when they see their parents drawing as well they will try to draw, what they see and begin to learn the new ideas.

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Teenagers can be a challenge to convince to open up

Teenagers are notorious in being difficult to communicate with, in addition to them raging hormones, social life expectation are all time high and also their circle of friend will become critical point of importance in their lives. If you want to maintain the open communication and remind them that their family not their friend should be the number priority developing a close knit relationship is crucial.

BE SPECIFIC, instead of asking everyday question like “How was school?” or “How was your day”? Be more specific. Ask how your geometry class went today, who hung out with at lunch and how her friend doing. The more interesting you show their lives even if they do not show it right away, the more they will feel that you care and likewise be willing to open up to you.

AVOID ASKING YES OR NO QUESTIONS, this give the teenager opportunity to be vague and dodge answering question, this will likely block any type of conversation you are hoping to engage in. you ask open ended question that force to your teenager to elaborate further than simple yes or no or other one word responses.

ALWAYS AVAILABLE, though you are already thin trying to juggle the professional life with home life, it’s crucial that you stay available to your teen when she/he seems interested in talking with you. If your teenager hanging to your room, pay attention something may be on his mind, take opportunity to ask him how things are going and do not be afraid to get specific. Even if you are busy make have a time for him. Make him priority and you will find that his trust in you will grow.


Medieval clothing style. History re-enactment.

On May 13, 2012 is celebrating Mother’s Day, a lot of way to celebrate your mother on Mother’s Day, here are some few tips to make it special both you and your mother will cherish always.

  1. Give your mother a day off, take care of some of her chores like cleaning, ironing, laundry, cooking, etc. give your mother a break, mothers day should be a day of relaxation for your mother.
  2. There your mother in the spa, give her a VIP treatment and let her choose massage or makeover. Mothers day come only once a year, it would also be a great time to spend together.
  3. Take your mother out to eat and give her flowers, have her pick in her favorite restaurant and let her enjoy it. Mother’s day is all about your mom and her special qualities so show her your appreciation for all that she’s done. MOTHERS DAY can be enjoyable by all.
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If I would change jobs or career I would definitely enter the world of cars and Auto Insurance. A friend inspired me on this, she works in Auto Insurance in Toronto and she tells me on how exciting it was to work on a car or auto companies. The salary is good aside from the commissions that you will get every plan that you would sell. I am thinking of selling a car or car insurance. Car insurance I guess would be best for me since selling a car would require me some mechanical knowledge.

Well, I have an interest on cars in general and that would be a better start I guess. But the fact that I could get to give people who have cars what they need would definitely be the fulfilling aspect of doing this auto insurance thing. I must say that not all of the car owners these days know the importance of having a car or auto insurance. Some of the people I know are hesitant of acquiring one for their car. This part would be the challenge for me if ever I get into auto insurance field, convincing people to get car insurance without having regrets after they did.

Speaking of auto insurance, if you guys are interested and you are in Toronto you could visit a respectable Auto Insurance Toronto  My friend works there so you could use me as your reference. If you want a full details just shoot me an email or comment. So this is me warming up on the idea of selling car insurance eh?


I am so busy these days that I couldn’t even have the time to go to the parlor and get my dying hair a treatment. I don’t know what’s going to my housemate because I rarely see them. I couldn’t even have a decent dinner because I’d rather hit the bed than eat – that kind of busy. I know I shouldn’t be complaining because there are a lot of people who doesn’t have a job. But then, It was just the tiredness that’s been talking for the last couple of days.

All I am saying is that I really need to get a much needed rest. I wouldn’t be able to function properly in the next weeks to come if I can’t get that rest. So if I want to still walk for the next couple weeks I need to rest. Next week I will be attending this kennel software workshop and I am thinking of scheduling my one week vacation leave after that. I just hope I could iron out my schedule.

I am not planning of going somewhere. I may not go anywhere at all. I’ll just stay at the house and sleep to my heart’s content. Feed myself until I bloat and just relax the whole week. Oh my God! I am excited already. I am just like a kid that her mom promises of getting her a bike on her birthday. I swear, if I get to have this one week vacation I will definitely rest like I have never been rested before.


Mothers' Day Cake crop

On mothers day set aside to acknowledge the hard work and loving care that goes into motherhood, honor the entire special mother in your life, like your friend, sisters, mother-in-law, grandmother, etc. these creative and unique ways…..

  1. Offer your mom a chance to explore into a new passion, if she is spoken of an unexplored interest like listening music, singing, playing a golf, gourmet cooking, etc. contact a local community center, a teacher or clubs for references.
  2. You can buy flowers or plant for her garden.
  3. Make her sigh with fabulous spa day or massage or you can book her a professional beauty treatment.
  4. Get computer hooked up to the internet, or you buy her a cell phone.
  5. Plant a container with lush mini herb garden that she can snip at will while cooking.
  6. Have some favorite family photographs matted and framed for her to enjoy.
  7. Take your mom to a local gym for sample session of yoga, tai chi or personal training session.
  8. Take her sewing machine in to get serviced.
  9. Gather you clan and book a professional photographer to take a portrait of the whole family.
  10. Buy a gift certificate from her favorite store where she usually wouldn’t indulge herself.
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