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Tips for motherhood

There are some tips for motherhood that everyone should know to help be the best mother that we can be. These will remind that motherhood is not like what is seen on television, you are not perfect nor are your children, you need help and downtime, most importantly you are a woman who has the best job in the world.

 Realize, sooner you realize that you are not perfect and will make mistakes the better you will feel. Parenting is trial and error process that can be made easier by learning to prioritize and plan ahead.

 Ask, you cannot do everything, so ask for help when you need it, learning to balance the responsibilities of life with that of being a mother is not always easy, allow your family and friends to help.

 Break, take a break and think about yourself, not taking a break is to focus on healthy ways to relax and relieve stress, this doesn’t mean that you need to take a vacation from being a mother, simply you must find few minutes to breathe, meditate, pray and just sit silence, but take a moment to break away from your normal routine.

 Enjoy, enjoy being a mother, time will escape you and before you know it your little baby will be grown and graduating from high school. Make sure you have memories of her learning to walk, talk, ride and go on her first date. If you are working mom take a day off and spend it with your daughter. Let her know that she is important to you and you love spending time with her.

Discipline your teens with little respect

Disciplining a teenager with a lack of respect can be very challenging experience, it’s very important to first bond with them and to find some type of connection in order to forget a relationship. Relationships are essential to effective discipline but require respect from both people involved. When teenagers act out, it often bring out similar emotional reaction in the teacher or parents. That’s why it is important to keep this in mind and to work on maintaining composure. Equally important are creating realistic rules and attendant consequences for teenage behavior.

Maintaining self control is essential to your role as an authority. Control your own actions and responses around your teenager. As the role model in the situation you must make it sure that all of your own behaviors are appropriate before a teenager is willing to accept your discipline.

Trying to understand them it is important part of commanding a respect. Communicate with your teenager, a teacher or parents can understand of teen’s problem or concern without accepting inappropriate behavior. It is important to talk the issue, improving communication can improve relationship and listening can give you as a parents or teacher a lot of insight as to why particular behaviors may be surfacing.

Punishment should be fair and designed with particular lesson in mind. Work together when it comes to problem solving. One on one discipline usually gets the best results. Tackle disciplinary issues at home, not in from of friends. Teenagers will often react disrespectfully if they are admonished in front of their friends.

Handing positively discipline help teens develop much needed self esteem. Keep it positive; remember that the ways you handle your teenager now will how to handle issues in the future.


One of the things that I want to do before I die is to fulfill an advocacy. I am not noble; I think I am far from that. I just wanted to have some memoirs before I die – good memoirs. I wanted people to remember me with some good stuff that I have done. I don’t know if I would earn points on heaven for that but that is not definitely my reason for doing it.

A lot of people who’s doing this advocacy thing are focusing on hunger, children and the homeless. Personally, I wanted to help those who suffer from drug addiction. I have read so many articles about addiction including this Oxycontin Detox, Oxycodone Withdrawal Symptoms and Drug Detox and I instantly have this interest on helping them.

I know a lot of drug addicts only lead a tough life and others became dependent on drugs because they are not built to survive the storm of life. Aside from it’s a recurring problem of all nation around the globe it is also close to my heart personally because I have some friends and relatives who goes and gone through this kind of problem.

If someday I became as rich as Bill Gates I would definitely focus on helping people with addiction. Maybe build and develop rehabilitation centers all around the world. Make a program to support all their rehabilitation needs and invest on research and studies about addiction.

It sounded so big and ambitious, I know. But I am happy and excited to all of those things that I am envisioning. This is something to look forward to – a goal worth keeping for. This could be one of the things that I will be proud of doing for the rest of my life. Hopefully the cosmic force helps me with this advocacy.


Almost two months it’s summertime and livens is easy, but what do your kids know about making a living? Use the summer months to help your kids develop a sense of fiscal responsibility; here are some easy ways to do it.

 Have your kids get summer jobs working outside employer; this will give them a chance to learn the basics about dealing with a boss showing up on time and so forth.

Use your best judgments about providing them with allowance if they are responsible with their money and willing to work, then you may want to consider trying their allowance to set list of chores.

Foster the habit of saving by perhaps providing a small incentive, if your child save faithfully all summer months to buy useful item like computer be willing to match some portion of that saving as a reward, so that he or she could get a printer too.

Yamaha Acoustic Guitars

We all know that Yamaha Acoustic Guitars are well known all over the world, they recognized the outstanding value offered for the dollars invested. Other model is also regarded as the very best in sound ones obtainable in the marketplace. So, if you have planned to buy an acoustic guitar you will be able to surely get one of these. Yamaha acoustic guitar has proven their name in the field of music, the instruments are acknowledged for their high quality and durability.

Keep a Child Safe at the Playground

Playground is the place for children to have fun and expend all energy while expanding their physical abilities at the same time. Here are some tips to keep our kids at the playground so they can enjoy the equipment for years to come.

  1. Dress your child in clothing without hood, straps or ties, cords that can tangle in playground equipment and strangle him.
  2. Ensure that all playground equipment sits on sand, wood chips, solid foam surfacing or rubberized matting.
  3. Inspect the playground equipment periodically and make certain that there are no rusted or loose bolts, jagged wooden edges or open chains.
  4. Instruct you child to sit in the middle of a swing seat, and to hold on to the chain with each hand.
  5. Allow children to play only on equipment that is appropriate for their age group. Do not let young children play on monkey bars or on climbing areas or slides that are designed for older kids.
  6. Assess your yard for potential hazards, and then install a permanent or temporary fence around any playground equipment yard to make certain that young children stay safe and cannot run into the road, the driveway or into a nearby stream while they’re outside.
  7. Supervise your child at all times while he is playing on a playground to ensure he stays safe and make certain he knows where you are should he need you.

Opiate detox treatment

Addiction to opiates is one of the major problems that everyone affected and it’s continuing to increase throughout the world. It doesn’t matter if it is a painkiller, methadone, or other opiate based drugs and medicines, the symptoms and illness of addiction are the same. An opiate detox treatment is safe and affective method of opiate detox as well as continuing care recovery programs. Opiate detox treatment helps the patients to find freedom from their miserable withdrawal symptoms of opiate based drugs.




Choose the right switchplate cover

A switchplate covers is an important in the room as the color of the paint on the wall. The covers is not to be plain, it can be decorative and add spark of creativity in the room whether the switch plate cover is ornate, simple or have a touch of whimsy. Choosing the right switch plate cover is to find the right style and size to fit a décor in the room.

Teach your child to behave

Behavior process begins in childhood, to a child there is not difference between good and behavior. “Children must be taught good behavior so they can live and work well in society when they grow up”. These distinctions are made as the child grows and learn from parents. While there are varying ideas about teaching a child to behave properly, specific action and techniques used by parents to instruct their children can make a difference in how well a child learns to display good behavior.

Set example of good behavior for your children, since children often a mirror the behavior of their parents, this is one of the key ways to demonstrate the proper way to behave. Praise good behavior and consistently provide consequences for bad behavior. Consistency is important part of reinforcement. A lack of consistency can confuse a child about what constitutes good or bad behavior.

Explain situations to your child when necessary. Do not simply express disappointment or tell you child something is bad. Explain why the behavior is unacceptable. Allow your child to ask questions. When your child exhibits bad behavior, suggest alternative ways your child could have behaved under the same circumstances. Balance your distribution of consequences and praise. Most of the good behavior you child learns will come from watching you, but there will be times when you will need to address behavioral issues with your child.