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Have a bless new year everyone!!!


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Get a Child to Listen

A common complaint among parents is their inability to get their kids to listen to them or do as they are told. It is a real frustration, but one that is easy to remedy. When you shout, your message is lost on your children. Instead, there are simple voice-control techniques that you can employ to get your kids to listen.

Always talk to your children with respect, even when being firm. If they feel good about themselves they will react better to the situation and be able to think more clearly.

Speak to your children in a consistent and even tone for “everyday” conversation and requests, such as “Time to wash your hands for dinner” or “Make your bed, please.”

Find your voice of authority and use it only when your child has done something wrong or has not done what was asked of him.

Use your voice of authority along with a warning and consequence if your child does not respond to your authoritative voice alone. Whether the consequence is a naughty step or writing sentences does not matter. The key is consistency and only one warning.

So often bad behavior is just a form of getting attention. Your yelling at him is a form of attention. But if you can put into place a positive version of that attention, such as your voice of approval, your child will learn he can get that attention by behaving and doing well.


Tonight I am wishing on the brightest star that I would see to give me strength and patience to do the things that I have to do for the rest of the year. Yeah, I am having a bad year and I had been redundant on making that known to the whole public. I am just venting. If I don’t vent I will explode with all the stress around me.

So much for the negativity, I don’t want to focus on the bad stuff anymore. I just want to get this year over and done with and have a fresh start for the coming year. I want to attract all the positive vibes that I can attract to back me up. I need that positive vibes for the plans I’ve made for next year.

I am planning on getting to online business to help me pay the bills and make me a much busier woman on this side of the earth. I want to get into a buy and sell of books. I am still on the process of figuring out on how will I be able to roll that. I’ll probably seek the help of tej kohli ceo, tej kohli frobes and tej kohli grafix softech for the marketing.

I hope my wishing star would be sweetheart tonight and grant me my wish. After that I promise I would never rant about how this year has been smacking me from head to toe.

Help a Teen Get to Bed Early

Teenagers need as much sleep as they can get in order to keep their bodies functioning and continue growing at its proper rate. This can be difficult with social pressures, academic workloads and after-school activities, especially if teens attend a school that starts early in the morning. While getting to bed early involves an entire change of routine, it can be very helpful and ensure that teens get an adequate amount of rest.

Set a bedtime goal with your teen. This should be around eight to 10 hours before he has to get up for school. Sometimes this bedtime goal cannot be achieved due to schoolwork or other engagements, but try to get your teen to stick to it as much as possible.

Talk all electronics out of her room before she goes to bed. Continuing to talk on a cell phone, computer or tablet device can cause the brain cells to stay active. This will help her relax and focus only on sleep.

Adjust the bedtime for a teenager who is having difficulty going to sleep early or who has insomnia. Set the bedtime back one hour each night until you have reached the goal bedtime.

Monitor your teen to ensure that she is not exercising or drinking caffeine a few hours before bedtime. This can disrupt her sleep pattern and make it difficult for her to fall asleep.

Test your child’s bed to make sure it is comfortable and that the room is quiet and dark enough to facilitate better sleep.

Remind your teen to stick to these patterns, even on the weekend. Allow an extra hour or two of staying up or sleeping in on the weekends, but do not let it be excessive or it will be difficult for her to fall back into her pattern for school.


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Raise Smart Kids

Every parent wants to raise smart kids and ensure that they meet their fullest potential. These steps will show you how to assist in your child’s brain development and increase his intelligence.

Show your child love and attention. From the moment he comes into the world, he should feel loved. This can consist of holding an infant, playing with a toddler or giving a hug to your preschooler. All ages benefit from these kinds of interactions, and they are important for developing intelligence.

Communicate with your child from day one. Children who have had someone consistently talking to them develop higher IQs and stronger language skills. This can be as simple as talking to your child about what you are doing at that moment or even just what you see. It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t understand you. His brain is receiving messages.

Limit screen time. When a child watches too much television the amount of time they spend on other activities, such as reading or creating art, decreases. Monitor how much television your child is watching and set age appropriate rules for watching.

Read to your child often and place books where your child can access them. Select a regular time each day to read to her and make it a priority.

Teach healthy habits. Get your child involved with age-appropriate physical activities and feed him a balanced diet. Making his body strong and giving him nutritious food will give him the necessary energy he needs to absorb information.

Set a good example. Children learn by watching and will model their behavior to the people they see most. Let your child see you reading, getting physical activity and eating right and your child will follow your lead.


I would love to sulk all day because there’s no single person in my life has asked me yet what I want to have this Christmas. I don’t know if they really know me not having the need to ask or they don’t have something for me this Christmas.

Oh well, I just wanted a Lucchese Boots. A Lucchese Boots would make me a happy girl this Christmas. I have a thing for boots these days and hopefully someone in my life could figure it out. I am crossing my fingers for this one. Or better yet I would just ask Santa for a Lucchese Boots since I have been a nice girl the whole year.


I have a cousin who’s been good to me the whole year. I am having a bad year and she was the one who has been consistently backing me up whenever I am having a hard time. It is nice to know that there is someone you can count on in your darkest days. My cousin is such a blessing and I am happy to have her in my life.

So this Christmas I would love to splurge just to give her the perfect gift. I am thinking that I would give her a medical step stool. She badly needed it. I also want to give her a second gift  and that I would think about it first.

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