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I don’t want to be depressing this Christmas for the sole reason that I don’t have the money to have my Christmas merry. As much as I want to wallow on the fact that I may never give expensive gifts such as Singapore diamonds and Chicago jewelry [and probably bought some on jewellery los angeles] on family and friends I refuse to be powered by the Grinch.

They say that Christmas is all about the money. I guess there is some truth to that. Partly, we are all to blame why Christmas became all about having lots of money. We made Christmas so commercialize. We all make ourselves believe that the symbol of Christmas is giving gifts and having gifts with as much as possible. Less gift means less people loves you. Hence, we need the money to buy gifts.

It saddens me to think that we neglect the true essence of Christmas, which is celebrating the birth of Jesus. We should all be merry for the reason that He was born. He didn’t say that we should celebrate it extravagantly. There are no rule that if we don’t have money this Christmas we are exempted to being happy this season.

I don’t want to be bitter by all of this true essence of Christmas thing. I am just hoping that this commercialized Christmas notion will change. I want to see a Christmas full of happiness with or without the money. I know that I am asking is big. I guess that would be my wish this Christmas. For the people around the globe to realize that Christmas is not all about the money.

I hope I can be this positive towards the end of this season. Well I must be positive whether or not I have gifts to give or gifts to take.


Do you know a lot of men are very conscious about their receding hairline? It is something that is very big deal for them. So this Christmas if you are having a hard time finding a gift idea on men who is having a receding hairline, you could give them a Propecia and Finpecia as a gift this Christmas.

Problem with this gift idea is you might hurt their feelings and would find your gift offensive. So you just have to make an extra effort on how you will give it to them without hurting their feeling. It’s a challenge I know but if you could survive this I guess you could survive giving the most difficult gift next time.

Get Punked

Let’s face it, there is nothing subtle about a neon pink tree. Fake is in and so are electric colors. If high-wattage pink isn’t your style, feel free to check out the other colors of the rainbow currently on the market.

Party Pills

When you say party pills this is a supplement marketed as safe and legal alternative to illegal drugs. This is one of the popular in the retail stores across Europe and America you can buy this party pills also in online stores.

Plan to buy a new iPhone

This coming Christmas I have a plan to buy a new Apple iPhone, yesterday I talk to may friend about my plan, she advice me and give me some tips of buying an iPhone, like after I buy an iPhone I need to purchase some iPhone accessories to keep my phone safe and make may phone usage easier and more efficient. Bluetooth or headset, extra phone dock or car charger, and usb cable are some example of iPhone accessories that she advice me to buy. I think the tips and advices from my friend is enough for me to decide, to push through my plan to buy a new Apple iPhone.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Raise Kids on a Budget

Raising kids doesn’t have to cost a fortune, a little time and effort you can provide your children and yourself with healthy meals, clothes and enriching opportunities and still stay true to your budget.

You much determine how much you can afford each month for foods, clothes and other needs. Explain to your children that you live on budget. Shop around for best deals on foods and clothing.  Find out the bargain at yard sales and in classified ads.

Make family meals and baby food from scratch, save the expense of formula by opting to breast feed.  Buy food in season and freeze milk. Pack school lunches instead of buying. Visit park, museums and zoos for inexpensive entertainment.

Obese children today may have difficulty fitting in years later

May children get their taste of social interaction in the school; it is there that they begin to develop their understanding of how friends are made and kept. But not all kids will find themselves fitting in. children who are classified as obese in particular will soon to discover some kids are not as friendly as they first appear to be. Sadly, this early rejection according to the study at the University of Adelaide can found more problems for the children later on in life.

Based on the results of the study a child who find them selves having a hard time making a friend at a young age might shy away from more social interactions in the future. They might choose to avoid joining clubs or participating in group activities because of the stigma they had suffered when they first started school.

Young as they are, today children are still growing up rather quickly, and as a parent you can either do your best to protect them or do your best to help them face their fears. Either way, you must not forget to let them know how much you love them and hopefully, that will be enough to guide them towards a better and brighter future.

Tips to help your kids to listen

A lot of parents find it very difficult to get their children to listen and behave appropriately, to be honest; it doesn’t have to be that hard. It’s really up to the parents to teach their children listening skills. If your child isn’t listening to you, it’s time to take a deeper look into your parenting skills, take a deep breath, there is help. Here is my simple tip to help your kids to listen. Consistent parenting means sticking to rules a 100% all the time. If you sit and yell or nag at your children to listen, without any consequences, your children will never take you seriously. You must stick to rules and enforce them. Actions truly do speak louder than words.

Be Happy Single Parents

Single parents have a tough time of juggling parenting and being single. Use a positive approach to single parenting and increase your happiness.
Focus on your children, if they are your center of your life, they will know it and respond. Single parenting is not a curse and if you view it that way, so will your children. Get to know yourself, being without a relationship or partner is a great time to get to know you’re self and become comfortable being alone.

Involve your children with positive role models that reflect the missing parent. I’m not saying about finding a substitute daddy or mommy, rather exposing your children to your parents, aunts, grandmas or friends. Let your children know that they complete you. If your children are old enough to understand and seem concerned about you being a single parent, explain to them that it is okay with you.

Understand that you can’t be everything to your kids. If you are a guy you can’t be everything that there mother would be, because you are a guy. Likewise, if you are a girl you cannot replace everything that a father could give to your child. Do the best you can and look to your friends and family to fill in the gaps.