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Good Housekeeping Practices for Teenagers

Regular participation in household chores and errands helps teenagers to learn both responsibility and accountability. Particularly as teenagers near adulthood, it is important they learn at least the basic skills required to keep a clean and functioning home. General housekeeping activities such as making beds, cleaning bathrooms and mowing lawns might not be on teenagers’ lists of their top ten favorite things to do, but these activities will help them transition into a more successful, independent life once they leave home.

Find Holiday Dress for the plus size

A lot of plus size dress are available in many dress store and style, so there’s a better chance in finding what you have in mind. Many department stores are stocking a plus size dress, the sizes 18 and up, including selection in their catalog and mailers. Selection include for formal and casual dress. Knowing your options is essential on putting together a special holiday dress outfit that makes you look and feel good.

It’s the Great Pumpkin

It’s Halloween, which can only mean one thing: the Great Pumpkin is flying over all the pumpkin patches searching for the most sincere one to reward with treats. It will wait in the cold, with Sally and his security blanket to keep him company, hoping the Great Pumpkin will pick his. But where’s Charlie Brown? He’s busy getting ready for a party with the kids and trying to make the perfect ghost costume — unfortunately, our favorite blockhead not only gets rocks in his trick-or-treat bag, but he resembles a pumpkin more than a ghost. At least he hasn’t gotten his costume dirty like Pig Pen, or been pestered by Lucy like Shroeder. Scary! Fear not, Snoopy is in on the fun too, his aviator goggles firmly in place.

Fun Date for Halloween

Halloween is the holiday where the impossible becomes possible and the unimaginable can happen. Halloween is fun for the kids because of the trick or treating, but what about the adults aren’t taking their children out? Adult should able to have sum fun as well, consider doing one of these great date ideas that are easy to plan and will help to ensure a great Halloween night.

Go on to a haunted hayride, the places that offer the hayrides usually also offer good and beverages as well. It’s fun couple of hours that will help to bright out your inner child.

Take a tour of a creepy place, there are so many places that are allegedly haunted or just plain creepy, which offer tours of their premises, on Halloween it is a great way to learn some history of various building and scare you to pieces.

Look for a costume in your area so that you and your date can dress up, there is an admittance fee, which can vary in price depending on what you get for your money. Other admission frees include an open bar, other are included dinner and other just include the price to get in and the rest is up to you…

Teach your child at home..

Whether your child are in home schooling, preparing him/her for kindergarten either in private or public school or simply feeding his thirst for knowledge by supplementing his classroom lessons, there are numerous simple way to support your child and abundant resources to help them through his growing and learning process.

Always talking or conversation to your child of any age can benefit the learning process in more meaningful way than textbooks or chalkboards. For elementary school age child subscribing to an educational reading and magazine with them likely to hold interest in the various subjects when it is presented as fun activity rather than as a required lesson. For the adult child, respectful interaction about religion, politics and other social issues can be stimulating, particularly when you are asking their opinions and valuing their input as well as providing feedback and facts regarding your own thoughts.

ATV parts for my brother

My brother is asking me if I can give him ATV Parts as my birthday gift to him. Well, I honestly knew nothing about ATV wheels so I did some research to be informed. I was a bit confused on where to get information since the internet is so flooded with information where in some were helpful while others are just actually opinions. Good thing is that a friend told me to visit a reputable website. As he said when it comes to ATV, Super ATV website is the right place. So I read their articles and tried my best to learn from it but again, honestly, I find it hard to understand. But I like the company since they offer quality, affordability and dependability and that’s enough for me. So I called my brother and told him to order from that site whatever he wanted and the bill is on me.

A week later, a package was delivered on our doorstep and yes, it was our order. It came earlier than his birthday but that is even better!

Brownie pops from Sharis Berries; better than any sweets

It’s my sister’s 30th birthday this coming Saturday and we are preparing for a big celebration for her. Her friends and office mates are coming as well as some of our relatives and neighbors. Since my sister loves sweets I am thinking of giving her a personalized cake. She has been a really good sister to me so I would like to give her something extra special. Unfortunately, the cake that I wanted is super expensive and as much as I wanted it, I can’t afford it. Good thing is, someone told me about the brownie pops from Sharis Berries. According to her brownie pops are the new must-have treat at any celebration. The creative decorations are so mouthwatering that just by looking at it, you have already tasted it. And what made it much interesting is that it is very affordable. So I didn’t think twice and place my order right away.

Come my sister’s birthday and just for your information, it is not just my sister who got surprised but all her visitors! Thank you Sharis Berries!

Early Christmas treat

Christmas is just around the corner and today is actually the perfect time for us to look and shop for Christmas gifts, not too soon but not too late. Shopping malls are now having an up to 50% discounts on their selected items and Christmas bargains are now all over the town. Yet, if you want to give something personal and especial you might want to consider giving personalized key chain. You may give split heart key chain to your love one and have both of your name imprinted on it. For more ideas and information you may visit the Personal Creations website since they are superb when it comes to customized gifts, their pewter key chain is one of their bestselling products as well as their pewter house key holder which are both an ideal gift for your boss. Don’t worry about the prices since all of their items are really affordable plus high-quality is really guaranteed.

Do all the shopping now and when done enjoy gift wrapping after. Enjoy and have a Merry Christmas!

Are You Enabling Your Child; Drug Use?

When do you take action? Sooner rather than later is always the best. You can immediately begin to more closely monitor your child’s activities. Have a few conversations. Ask why he/she is using drugs. Get to know your kid’s friends and their parents. When you get a better idea of the situation, then you can decide what the next steps should be. These could include setting new rules and consequences that are reasonable and enforceable — such as a new, earlier curfew, no cell phone or computer privileges for a period of time, or less time hanging out with friends. You may want to get them involved in new or other activities that will keep them busy and help them meet new people. For more information about how to address your teen’s alcohol and drug use and how to set and enforce rules, see our resource list at the end of this page.

Help your teenager make and maintain strong friendships

While parents can’t choose friends for their kids — especially not their teenagers — they can play a major role in giving teens the skills to make and keep friends. They can also help make sure their teens are making good choices when it comes to friends, because they are at an age when their peers have more influence on them than anyone else. According to a 2005 Ohio State University study, helping teens make friends may be the only real influence parents can have on them.

Teach Friendship Values

1. Talk to your teens about friendships. Let them know that friends help each other feel better about them. The staff at GreatSchools says that parents need to listen without criticizing individual friends and keep talking about what makes a person a good friend.

2. Encourage your teens to see themselves in a positive light. Let your teens know that you are confident in their ability to make friends and to be a good friend. Encourage the behavior you want to see, and be positive about your teens in front of their friends.

3. Let your teen see you spend time with your friends. Always speak respectfully about your friends. Talk to your teen about why you value your friends and what has made them good friends. Explain how you resolve conflicts with your friends.

4. Observe how your teen interacts with friends. If you see signs that he is in an abusive or unhealthy relationship, you may not be able to end the friendship, but you can provide guidance. The Children’s Hospital Boston’s Center for Young Women’s Health warns teenagers that no one deserves an unhealthy relationship and that healthy relationships are characterized by trust, respect and good communication.

5. Make a list with your teens about what they expect out of friendships. Talk to them about which traits are most important and whether they practice those things as well. When asked teenagers what it takes to be a good friend, they got more than 5,000 responses, with the qualities frequently mentioned being loyalty, honesty, trustworthiness and willingness to sacrifice.