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Grandfather Clocks by Howard Miller

Howard Miller Clocks is one of the world’s largest maker of clock, type include the floor clock, the shape of wood cabin or chalet which chime at the top of every hour. One day clock is one of the opt, which need to be wound every 24 hours or eight day clock, which stay running for eight days without winding. Other options include Grandfather Clocks by Howard Miller and lot of variety of novelty clocks in different shapes.

Tips for single parents

Single parenting requires a lot of hard work and sincere dedication to your role as a single father of single mother. It’s a difficult challenge to raise a child single handily without your spouse to help you out. You need to take a decisions that you never ever though of. You need to juggle your work and home efficiently and try and be involved in every aspect of a child care. Lots of times balancing the two makes you loose out on some lifetime opportunities.

Children are most vulnerable as they do not understand their emotions and how to handle them correctly. Single parenting effects has sometimes resulted in children becoming sad or withdrawn from the society. When the child misses the absent parent, the single parents has to act as the mother and father and fill empty space in the child’s heart. You need to garner support from everyone in your family, especially the grandparents. Speak to your children, closest friends and give an outlet to your emotion. Once you remove the baggage of emotions off your shoulders, only then can you handle your child’s feeling sensitively.

After-School Projects

After children come home from school, they want to play games and run around the house to use all the energy they stored up while sitting in class. Engaging your kids in after school project can not only help them use up some of that excess energy, but also can be a way for you to bond with them. Participating in after school projects with your kids ensures that their education doesn’t stop when they leave school and it gives you quality time to spend with them.

Preparing after school snack – children love to play in the house and a lot of children enjoy playing in the kitchens. Give your kids a chance to learn food preparation and cooking skills by allowing him to help you make an after school snack. Allowing your children to help you with the cooking shows that you trust him and can boost his self-esteem.

Basic sewing projects – sewing is a basic skill that anyone can benefit from having and it can make a fun after school project for your children. Help your child make a drawstring bag for her favorite toys by having her sew together the sides of a rectangular piece of fabric.
Easy craft projects – children love arts and crafts, giving your child a craft project to work on after school is an effective way to keep him busy while you finish up a few things around the house. If your child likes to paint, help him to make leaf prints by dipping leaves in a dish of paint and pressing them onto pieces of paper or fabric. For children who like to dress up, it might be fun to create bracelets out of loops of paper decorated with sequins and sticker or to spice up an ordinary headband with beads and pipe cleaners.


It’s never to late or early to teach your child about proper etiquette.

Set you as a good example, it’s unfair to expect politeness of a child if his parents are not polite themselves.

Teach you child good manners in stages as his comprehension and skills develop. You can start using words and phrases like “thank you”, “please”, “sorry” and “excuse me” as early as possible around your child. Encourage them to do the same.

Take good care on what language you use around children, they mimic the way adults speak.

Ask your child to address adults with certain degree of formality like, Ms, Mrs, Mr. unless the adult tells them to do otherwise.

Review other basics etiquette with your child whenever necessary. He should learn how to shake hands, show respect for older people, behave quietly in public places and avoid interrupting other people in conversation. Teach them also to learn not to play with other people’s belonging unless given permission to do so.

Avoid ignoring bad behavior or waiting to talk about it. Address a rule as soon as you child breaks it.

Bring up the behavior again in private so you can discuss it more thoroughly and make sure your child understands how to behave in the future.

Praise your child for good behavior.

Quotes by Bob Marley

A quotes by Bob Marley give an inspiration of my life, because my day not completely without reading his quotes. It served as my guidelines also in what everyday I’m doing. Sometime I share his quotes to my friend especially when my friend is in trouble, and I post some of his quotes in my social networking site, to share my friends online.

Cash for gold

The gold prices today near record highs it seems more and more companies are springing up to help you turn your unwanted or broken jewelry and cash for gold. As you can see in the television is riddled with advertisement promoting and promising to rid you of your old valuables and instead filling your pockets with cold hard cash. Why not? Especially now we are in a global recession, cash is a king and as well know supermarket says every little helps. Of course, many companies come more competition and therefore the price is better for the seller as if you are not happy with particular valuation you can simply request to return of your gold.

Importance of extracurricular activities for students

One of the most important to the physical and emotional health of students is joining extracurricular activities in the school. Encourage your children to join and participate in extracurricular activities, where they make friends and develop skills that benefit them.

A student who participates in extracurricular activities in the school can mention their participation on their college application. In extracurricular activities provide opportunities in every student to take on leadership roles that admission counselors want to know about, in addition student who excel at the activity may be offered a scholarship for it.

Decrease school violence by encouraging your child participation in extracurricular activities. Your child or student should develop hobbies to deal with stress, and extracurricular activity is a great way to develop a hobby.

In extracurricular activity students show how to work together. Students take on various roles and may become group leader, in addition, students learn to communicate and broaden their social network.

A student who participate in extracurricular activities perform better in their school.

Beads from Beadaholique

Fashion was made more accessible when it was made available in the internet.. Before, girls need to go out from their country if they would like to buy real crystal pearls. Today, fashion-inclined people just need to plug their computer if they would like to see what’s new and hot in the world of fashion. Beads lovers may want to check beads from Beadaholique since they have all the types of accessories they are looking for. From crystal beads to crystal pendants, from crystal fancy stones to crystal findings, Beadaholique sure has it!

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What’s your plan?

So it’s Friday today and Monday is a legal holiday and this means that we have a Long Weekend ahead of us. So what’s your plan? Where are you headed to and who are your company? Still undecided? The why not just stay at home to experience total fun! Yes, you’ve heard me right because today, total fun is available at the comfort of your own couch, well, in front of your computer of course! Indeed, technology is superb in its aim in giving us what we really deserve. With computer you can do whatever you really want, sky is the limit, as in nothing is impossible.

Well, isn’t that it’s the internet that gave us social networking so we can mingle with our friends. It also launched online casinos so we can play our favorite poker without going to expensive hotels. And to top it all, internet made shopping easier, accessible and more exciting! Truly enough, the World Wide Web is flooded with online stores just like The Source, Ebay, Pinkaholic Shops and many more! Now, I need no more to go to Malls and tire myself walking just to buy a USB because I can buy it via The Source! Cool isn’t? So, would you still pursue with your getaway plan this long weekend when you can actually bring the fun-filled entertainment into your own place?! Think no more and be one of us!

Parenting Guidance…

Parenting guidance is one of the most important in the part of family. The kids will learn what they live. If we disrespect your kids, they will disrespect us and others. One of the common way we as a parents disrespect our children is by letting them get away with being disrespectful to us.

Example; you say to your 5 years old son ‘ it time to go to your bed, hurry off now’ and his response is “NO” you only have to do is to laugh and say ‘ how cute’ you disrespect him, in other words, you didn’t care about this need for guidance. Another example is, if we walk into someone’s house and smoked after they have expressed their desire for not smoking in their house, I would be showing disrespect for the needs of the home owner. Children need guidance, but unless our guidance stems from love, it will come off as nothing but orders. “I am your parents and you are a nothing child, do as I say!”

As a parent, we owe it to our kids to guide them into being respectful children. Otherwise, they will grow to be disrespectful to all authority. Guidance takes time and love – lot of time and lot of love. Never, ever give up.

If children know beyond a doubt that they are loved, special and important to their parents and are learning respect for others, they are well on their way to a healthy happy future. But they key is to be persistent and realized this bundle of joy came into this world with a number of great needs that we can meet if we realize the demands of parenting and love them all the way through their growing up stages.