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When I was in high school I used to collect potpourri. Potpourri a mixture of dried, naturally fragrant plant material, used to provide a gentle natural scent. I just love them. I am addicted to their scent. I still love potpourri. In fact, I love how it came with a lot of variants like what Poo Pourri was offering. I might get back into collecting those one of these days.

Child Safety Considerions When Buying a New Crib

I know you’ve been thinking about how well your baby will sleep at night. I’m pretty sure you only want to buy a crib once and have it last for years to come. Do not settle for a cheap particle board crib with a bunch of plastic parts that is going to fall apart on you as soon as your child starts trying to climb out of the crib. A convertible crib designed to be used as a crib, a toddler bed, daybed and a full bed may be an appropriate solution for you. That’s why this crib is known to g row with your child in order to take care of all of your child’s sleeping needs, from baby to toddler and beyond. Quality built cribs can become a treasured family heirloom filled with wonderful memories. Convertible Crib Conveniences. Besides being an all-in-one sleep system, a convertible crib can offer many extra features not found in a traditional baby crib, like a 4-level mattress spring system making it easy to adjust the height of the mattress as your baby gets older. Safety is the most important factor of all. Of course you want an elegant, stylish and classy, but the safety of the crib is the most important factor of all. Look for a crib that meets or exceeds all U.S. safety standards. I do not recommend a crib with any moving parts, such as those with a sliding rail system. It sounds convenient, but is a huge sacrifice as far as safety is concerned. Not only does having a crib with no moving parts make for a safer environment for your child, it also adds to the longevity of the crib. You may want to think about an ex-friendly manufacturer that uses only wood harvested from sustainable forest lands and is free of toxic chemicals in their finish. Looks and functionality, safety and an eco-friendly approach to manufacture would make the perfect crib. The cost of your crib really shouldn’t be one of your primary concerns, but there are many cribs that are still reasonably priced that meet all of these requirements. I can guarantee you will never have to buy another bed for your child if you use all the tips I offered above. Spending a little bit more now will certainly save you alot of money in the long run


I have a friend who really cracks me up everyday with his Funny Quotes. Either it’s his own quotes or he just got it somewhere. He is reciting it to us on a most hilarious way. Our tummy aches because of laughing. I hope he becomes a comedian someday, he says it’s his dream.


If I would be an exchange student I would like it to be somewhere in California. I love California because of Hollywood. Yeah, I love celebrities. In fact I want to be a make-up artist someday – a famous Hollywood make-up artist. Make-up artist is an artist on the glamorous category. I think it is so fun and exciting being the person responsible for the beauty of the celebrity. Wow, that would be so awesome.

So if I would be an exchange student I would like to enroll on Cosmetology School California or is it California Cosmetology School? Whatever. Yeah, I would definitely look and apply for Cosmetology School California and see if they are accepting for an exchange student.

This is one of my dreams that I hope I could be able to fulfill before comes a time that I couldn’t be able to hold a lipstick. I am hopeful that I could be able to reach my dream someday – to become a famous Hollywood make-up artist. I need a lot of prayers, money, patience and positive thinking. Oh, will you at the very least pray for me? I would appreciate it. Who knows, someday, I might give you a free make-up services.

Technology in the hospital

I am a nurse by profession and part of my job is to chart every nursing management I render to my patient. The patient’s chart is considered a legal paraphernalia that is why everything should be documented inside it. It might be the nurse’s best friend but along with it an empty chart is also the nurse’s best enemy. That is why I need to make sure that everything is well written in the chart. I need my penmanship to be readable and I need to put my signature on the chart every time I write.

But that was all decades ago because today patients chart are renovated by the world’s technology. The papers are out and the computers are in meaning every data are now encoded in the computer and this is called the Health Information Technology. Usually, there are health information technician that records and organize the entire patient’s data but as a nurse I also need to know what does the technician encode in the computer. That is why I am planning to enroll and pursue a Health Information Technology Careers. I was just so fortunate that the Northwestern College offers an online education; you may want to log on to if you are also interested. On their website you will learn how to enrol on their online programs. They also have a long list of the Health Information Technology Careers waiting just for you!

So waste no time now, open your door to millions of opportunities like this! Who would have thought that technology can invade the hospital today!

Attack drug addiction

Substance abuse is one of the behavioral problems that are also considered a social dilemma. It is because an addict person may cause harm to the society. They might injure someone or they might create violence or commit crime. But, we have to understand that drug abused is not just a physical bad habit. Furthermore, not like many of us thinks, drug addiction is not a result of poor judgment or of a weak will. Addiction is an illness and like any other illness they must be treated as soon as possible otherwise it might lead to permanent disability or to death.

That is why more than our judgment these people needs our care, our understanding, our concern. If you have a love one or a relative that is suffering from drug addiction help them to understand that they a professional help. Orient them with the different Drug Treatment Centers so that they will have an idea of what will happen to them inside the center. Assure them that doctors and nurses will not harm they but rather they are the people that will assist them in their Drug Treatment rehabilitation program. By doing these things, their fear will be lessened and that would be easier for them to accept that they really need help. You have to remember that their acceptance is the key to the success of any Drug Treatment Programs.

Addiction is easy to be cured only when we attack it together. Hand-in-hand we will fight and that is the way for us to save our love ones.