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Participating in sports activities is a good way for your child to learn if he follows these tips;

Wear the proper sports attire – wearing a proper foot wear is a must. Choose cross trainers or running shoes instead of sneakers or walking shoes. Make sure he wears knee pads and elbow pads for volleyball games.

Pay attention and follow the teacher instruction – it’s easy for children to horse around and be distracted during PE class. Make sure your child knows the importance of following instructions to avoid injury.

Inform the teacher if he’s not feeling well – during class, it is important that your child tell the teacher if he feels tired, dizzy, or net well. Keeping this to him self or waiting till the end of class could lead to injury.

Firs aid solutions:

Injury: muscle soreness
First aid: rest, put ice on the body part, stretch.

Injury: sprain (damaged ligament)
First aid: ice and extended rest for minor sprain, severe sprains need medical attention as they may need surgical repair procedures.

Injury: contusions (usually caused by a blow or strike to a muscle)
First aid: rest, ice, massage

A Important Time For Your Little One

Parents and children strengthen their bonds as they share this quiet activity. This is a beloved custom that has long been passed down from generation to the next. It allows memories to be created that will be treasured forever.

When you read bedtime tales to your child you are providing him with much over brief entertainment. By reading aloud you are preparing your child for the future by helping him create skills and character traits that will show useful throughout his lifetime.

From a purely functional standpoint reading aloud to children is a practical and enjoyable way to help children relax and unwind before going to sleep. Plenty of parents find that this brief respite from the cares and worries of every day life also helps them relax, and relieves much of their normal stress.

There is no better way to help your child create an immense vocabulary and English skills than by reading tales out loud. You do not must limit the book choice to the usual fairy tales. Plenty of children enjoy tales that are more advanced than the ones recommended for their present reading level. If your child is interested in “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” or “The Hobbit”, then by all means, indulge them. A kid’s imagination benefits from having tales read to them at bedtime.

Bug Bites, Be Gone!

Insect bites and strings are common among children. While most insect bites only result in mild local reactions, they can cause more serious conditions, such as anaphylactic reactions and Lyme disease. To help prevent your child from getting bitten or stung, you must;

1. Keep as much of his skin covered with clothing as possible.

2. Have him wear light colored clothing, so as not to attract bugs,

3. Avoid using scented soaps or other products on him the fragrances can attract insects.

4. Use an insect repellent regularly, Insect repellents that can usually be safely used on children include those with less than 10% Deet, or others with citronella, neem, or soybeans oil.

5. Apply insect repellents as soon as possible.

6. Follow the instructions, icluding age restrictions on any insect repellent you are considering using.

Break Up Qoutes Power

The emotional blow is very hard to deal with when a relationship falls apart. Although you know it is the right thing to do. And in the event you didn’t require it to happen, it is even more painful. It seems impossible to cease thinking about your ex-lover and the memories you have shared together.

This lens is a compilation of both mournful break up quotes and lovely break up quotes from people of all ages who have suffered, at point in their lives, a broken heart. Fortunately, there are Break Up Quotes that will perhaps inspire you to let go and move on to the next chapter of your life. It is never simple but you will get there…

Best of all, these breaks up quotes provide perspectives that will let you see your shattered relationship in different angles. Some people view life as desperate craving while others with joy. The choice is entirely yours.

Help your child Grow Tall Effectively

We all know that height growth is best in the coursework of more youthful years, while our new cells & young bones are still at their developing stage. This is the ideal opportunity for parents & instructors to help children grow tall. So how can they help children grow like these influential people & give them the confidence they get from being tall? Here are some tips to help children grow tall:

1. Even while the child is at his first months of being, it is important to monitor everything they takes in. Only breast milk is an advisable liquid to be given to an infant until they is 6 months elderly. After this period of his life, breast milk may no longer be to maintain his needs. As the child grows older & his body gets bigger, his nutritional intake must be increased also. Introduce him to a variety of foods with various colors & textures. The key to help children grow tall is to provide them with amounts that they can consume.

2. Though protein & calcium is known to give the direct effect on human size, eating over of them won’t help a child grow taller. The every day requirement of protein for a child is from one to.5 grams per pound of body weight.

3. Encourage the child to get sleep that they needs. It is proven that sleep can effectively help children grow tall. An average of 8 hours per day is recommended. Sleep initiates the production of hormones that help children grow tall. It is also in the coursework of sleeping that our backbone can rest from the downward pressure caused by our head. Models & athletes sleep at least 8 hours everyday & they even spend a few more hours in the afternoon napping. This is what helps them to grow taller & have a well-developed body.

4. Inculcate exercise in his every day routines. Let him stretch, run around & have fun! Remind him that these are important for him & his developing bones. Stretching does help children grow tall if done regularly. Backbone stretching is common nowadays in exercise routines.

5. Encourage your child to engage in sports. Observe which sport they enjoy the most & support him! Sports are another way of introducing exercise & yes, the simplest way to let him grow his tallest.

What the children get from all of these is not a tall physique, but & a sound & healthy body. Helping the child grow taller helps him live a well-balanced & active lifestyle


I finish my elementary schooling on a public school. So I have the first hand experience of what was like studying with a not-so high standard of education. Let us all be honest that really, that our public schools here are bordering to below standard of education. Sad but true.

So a lot has already been said about our educational system and I would not want to enumerate the problems because it is just depressing. So I’ll just leave the rest and focus on my main concern which is the textbooks. I don’t know what is the latest ratio on books per student but during my days it is 2 is to 1, and that was decade ago.

We should concentrate on giving students the textbooks they need. I know some non-government organizations who sell textbooks on very affordable prices and some gives a hand me down books. If the government had its hands full with all the problems maybe we should do our part.

It’s about time that we should be aware of this recurring problem on our educational system. Education will be the base of our strength as a nation. I know by now that all of you know that.

How to wish your father to make him happy on Fathers Day….

Every third week of the month of June is a celebration of Fathers Day, it is a important day to all the father, because they expect some acknowledgment from their love ones, family and friends. Many have been written about mother and her role in raising a child. Other people compare mother with God. How about the father? How you propose to let your father know about is value in your life?

Before you think of acknowledging your fathers role in your life, go back to your childhood. Think many instances, everything where your father helped you, taught you and made you feel safe, think what happen to you if your father were not there? Thanks him in your mind for bringing you in this world and then begin selecting some cards or greeting cards for your father.

Giving or sending a greeting card will make your father feel good, let him know by your selection of fathers’ day card about his true value of you. Choose a color that he likes, and select a heat touching text. Let him know that he did something great by bringing you up.

Tips on Toilet Training Toddlers For Parents

One of the most important things to remember isn’t to rush them. There’s not set of age for potty training to start. Wean off the nappies during day time when your baby remains dry for long periods during the day. Let your baby wear cotton underwear that they may be able to pull off; put on with ease, or might also be scared by the sound of the flushing water – while other infants might enjoy flushing the toilet and doing it themselves.

For the boys may need extra training – because they have to graduate from sitting on a potty to standing position at the can bowl prepared to wipe up around the toilet. They also need to aim at the toilet bowl before urinating, show him ways to point his penis down to avoid spraying the room whether by sitting or standing up. If your daughter wants to standing up to urinating explain it doesn’t work for her.

Start teaching your boy now that the toilet rim needs to be placed down after he’s finished. It can’t be rushed. It is vital for the folks to stay patient and supportive in this period. Above all, be certain to praise all tries to use the toilet, even when nothing happens.

Make a change a positive experience..

The move from one home to another can be quite stressful, especially for your preschool child. Uprooting him from a place that he has grown to be comfortable in may cause some distress. But if you make it natural positive change, then this won’t be as bad as you think.

NOT BAD IDEA - there are many things related to a change in home address that need careful thinking, on of which is your child schooling. Transferring him to a new school is not a bad idea, even if it means he will have to adjust all over again. Children are naturally resilient. They can bounce back after something different happens in their lives. Some may adapt to the change quickly; others may need a little more time. But as long as you are there to support him, he will surely be OK in his own time.

MAKING THE CHANGE – it is crucial that you make this an easy and smooth transition for your child anything abrupt will make any youngster nervous, here’s how:

Plan ahead – decide on the new school and talk to the teachers, they should know your child background so they can handle the situation appropriately.

Talk to your child – about how he has learned to love school. Mention his previous school repeatedly so he will remember the happy days he had there. Talk about different schools and how they are all like his previous shcool – with a playground, toys, children to play with and friendly teacher.

Make several casual visit to the school - don’t make it a big deal so as not to overwhelm him. Allow your child enough time to explore and gain self confidence in the new invironment. If possible, have him interact with the teachers and maybe even with the other children in the school.

Ask him a question – immediately after the visit to follow up the experience. What is your favorite toy in the new school? What was fun thing you did in the play ground? You should also say nice things to let him know that mommy also like it.

Discuss the upcoming change – with your child in a calm, matter of fact way, expressing confidence that it will go well and that he is already a big boy or a big girl. From here, follow your childs lead as the two of you talk. Remember children can read adults well. If you are apprehensive or nervous about the new school, he will also feel anxious. If you approach it in a fun way and show him that you feel good about it, then he will in turn, feel the same.

Gadget addict

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