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Summer means fun, fun, fun and fun doesn’t have to mean expensive. Here are some activities you can do with your children…

TAG! YOU’RE IT! – the classic game of tag will never lose its popularity with kids. All you need is lots of space. Just make sure you childproof the area. Get ready to work those muscles!

SWING, SLIDE, AND CLIMB – at the playground, that is. With you, other kids and the occasional dog to run around with, what more can a kid ask for?

FLY A KITE – show your child how to make his first kite and send it soaring. Then turn over the string to him and make his excitement fly! Make your own kite for added bonding time.

BLOW ME A BUBBLE – gather gumamela flowers and leaves, and detergent to make your own bubble concoction. Then try to outdo each other with your blown creations!

LET’S PLAY BALL – one small rubber ball can bring hours of laughter and fun. Play throw and catch, or kick it around. You can also set up plastic bottles on your lawn and play bowling.

TURN WORK INTO PLAY – zip though the best summertime chores – washing the car and watering the plants – so you can get to the fun part: running after each other with the hose.

HUNT FOR TREASURE - hide little trinkets in the garden, then make a map to show where the treasure lies! Or make it simpler by taking a stroll together around the neighborhood and spotting interesting things, like red cars, brown dogs and yellow flowers.

BUILD FORTS – use pillows, blankets, and chairs. See if you can storm each other’s forts and capture the enemy. Captives get a thorough tickling.

ROCK AND ROLL! – draw the curtains, turn off the lights and bring out your flashlights! Used colored cellophane for that disco effects. Put on rockin music and dance, dance dance!

HOP, HOP, HOP – get some chalk, draw those familiar squares on the ground and play hopscoth. Don’t forget to bring a small, flat stome for tossing. Bunos: this game is also great for counting practice!

Insurance for smokers

Buying a life insurance is like buying a peace of mind. Why? Because when you are working and is not insured you would worry almost every hour about what would happen to your family if you die. On the other hand, if you are insured you are certain that your family will get a financial support if you passed away.

Life insurance might sound expensive but the truth is there are company’s that offers cheaper rate. However it cost more for a smokers life insurance. Why? Because a smoker, as studies proves, are more likely to die sooner than non-smokers which mean that smoking put you at high risk to insure. Try to check the website of wholesale insurance and they will be glad to help you find a company that offers the best insurance within the scope of you budget!

Beauty Secrets – for a Youthful & Beautiful Look

There are many beauty secrets to follow that have transcended former techniques, but many remain timeless and we will outline these simple beauty secrets in this article.

Each year, there is a new batch of beauty secrets, as well as a few timeless classic tips that are still religiously recognized. In today’s society, many turn to celebrities to find out what is the new style, latest trend or most recent batch of beauty secrets.

The Myth of the Stars

Throughout Hollywood, there are plenty of beauty secrets that you are not aware of when you see your favorite actor or actress on the silver screen.

If you think that they have the clearest, smoothest and healthiest skin, you are sadly mistaken.

Celebrities are most certainly plagued with the same problems that everyone else suffers from, including scarring, acne, skin irritations, as well as the effects of aging.

The beauty secrets that they possess are extra measures that they take to ensure the public does not encounter these flaws.

Spa treatments are a popular beauty secret of the stars, where they not only receive pampered treatments, but can indulge in the repairing effects of some of the available products.

Celebrities come to these spas in order to receive skin resurfacing, laser treatments, as well as state-of-the-art skin peels and massages.

Products to ease skin irritations and dry skin can also be purchased from a spa, when going to one is not an option.

These items can cost up to 0 for a face cream or as low as for a skin repair product.

Although celebrities turn to procedures, such as eye lifts, face lifts and removal of bags under the eyes, there is a beauty secret that is quite easy-to-follow.

Beauty Secrets For All

It simply involves the use of an eye cream.

Secret 1 – Eye Cream

A small amount of cream underneath and around the eyes can ease the signs of wrinkling and aging. Another beauty secret regarding the skin, involves the use of a good cleanser on the skin.

Secret 2 How to Prevent Fine Lines

Learning what works best with your type of skin and you will be well on your way to protecting your face from future damage.

Retinoid creams have been said to prevent fine lines from turning into wrinkles.

Another beauty secret that will not only save your face from damage, but also could save your life is staying out of the sun.

Wearing a hat on a sunny day, as well as laying on the sunscreen, can protect the skin from some of the most avoidable skin damage.

You may not have considered this a beauty secret because it is something your mother probably has told you a million of times, but standing up straight not only presents a confident aura about yourself, but can actually make you appear ten pounds thinner, as well as take five years off of your appearance.

4. Sleep

Another beauty secret that is a no-brainer is to get a good night’s sleep.

When a person isn’t getting enough sleep, their eyes become puffy and red; skin appears dull and lifeless; and their face sports a sagging appearance.

More Beauty Secrets

Other beauty secrets include: shaving in a steamy shower for an easier, closer shave; exfoliating the skin to promote circulation and softness; as well as wearing sunglasses to prevent the wrinkles that develop from squinting.

Being beautiful does not cost a fortune and the simple beauty secrets above can be done by anyone and will help keep you looking your best.

Choose the best anti aging care products

Most of a woman admits that anti aging skin care products plays one of the most important roles in her life especially in the middle ages that want to appear young again. By the correct art and science choosing best anti aging skin care is what shall give the desired young skin that you are looking for. Skin aging show its sign in a appearance of dark circles, wrinkles, saggy skin, age spots and skin dryness, if you are free of all this sign of skin aging, then scientifically proven effective anti aging skin care products is all you need.

Every student dream…

I love writing anything, my parents says that my talent came from my grandparents in my father side who is a writer by heart. That’s why coming up with term paper or a Research Paper was actually as easy as saying A to C for me. Back in my college life, my English professor always praises my research paper and essay. This talent had brought me too far because of this, I always on the top in our class and was even asked to complete with several interschool writing research and luck has always been beside me because of my papers always win.

How to Avoid and Cope with Tantrums

Tantrums don’t mean bad behavior. If your children have tantrums everyday, it doesn’t mean that they are stubborn, defiant or difficult. The reasons why children have tantrums are frustrations and tiredness. If you examine yourself, you’ll discover that you get very frustrated when things don’t go your way. Often, you can rationalize things and accept that they are out of your control. But when you are tired or under pressure, you can’t control your frustrations. You yell, you swear, you slam the door or kick something. This is exactly what is happening with your children.

Children don’t have the social skills that adults have learned. They don’t know how to control their frustrations when parents stop them from doing what they want to do or not giving them what they’re asking for. If you feel frustrated that your children don’t stop crying when you want them to, aren’t children allowed to feel the same when you’re not doing what they want you to do? Tantrums is part of growing up, it’s part of children learning process to control their emotions. Yes, it can be alarming for you when they start screaming, shouting and throwing things. It can even be extremely embarrassing when they do it in public. But it’s normal.

So, what do you do when your children suddenly throw the most almighty tantrum? Don’t panic. Stay calm. This can be difficult. But letting your frustrations take over will not calm your children. Ignore it. Asking your children to keep quiet or stop will only worsen the situation. Ride out the storm. Once your children start calming down, acknowledge their good behavior. It sends a message that good behavior gets results where bad behavior doesn’t. The best way to stop tantrum is to avoid it. So, here are some simple ways to prevent tantrums. Ensure that your child get plenty of sleep. Tiredness can make, even the most good-natured child grumpy, so encourage your children to take naps and develop a regular bed time routine. Avoid hunger. Hunger like tiredness can make your children irritable, so feed your children small portion but often. Store away sweets or toys that you don’t want them to have. It’s frustrating for them to see something they want but are not allowed to touch or play with. Stick to your rules. If you give in because your children have a screaming fit, you send a message that if they throw tantrums they’ll get what they want. Keep your promises. If you promised your children that they’ll get a treat for doing something, make sure that you keep it and remind them that they’re having that treat because they did what they’re asked to do.

Finally I can teach!

When I was a child I always admire my teachers. For me, they are the world’s hero who saves every student from ignorance. Why not, after all it is them who teach me how to count from 1 to ten. It is them who teach me how to write my name, how to read, how to draw and how to add. My teachers had influenced me in many ways to the point that I told myself that one day I will become one of them.

Years have passed, I am now a nurse. I worked in a hospital offering my quality of service to my patients. I am giving them their morning bath for them to look good. Assisting them take their medicines so they will feel better. I love my job and I love what I do because being a nurse gives a different level of self satisfaction. Every smile of my patient brings assurance that I take the right path. Yet, I must admit that the passion for teaching is still burning inside of me. I still long to have a teaching certificate so I can teach specially on the grade school level. That is why I was so glad when I’ve learned through a friend about the online accelerated teacher certification (OATCERT) program given by St. Joseph’s University. It was like a window of opportunity was opened right before into my eyes. Internet is an angel given from above since it will help me earn education degrees right in the comfort of my schedule. This means that I my work as nurse won’t be affected since session will be help via online at the pace of my free time and this is truly magnificent!

Finally, I can fulfill my ultimate dream and that is to teach. Yet more than that, teaching is a profession that influences minds, touches lives, and assures a positive change in a society! I can’t wait for my class to start, good luck for me!

How to Manage Cold Sores Nose Infections

The cold sores are the disease that will generally affect mouth and the nose. The cold sores are a viral infection and it causes small sores on the mouth nose and other parts of the body. The herpes simplex type 1 is responsible for the infection of the mouth and nose.

It infects the lower part of the nose or sometimes the infection also reaches in the nose. In the nose it affects generally the nostrils. In these disease sores are developed on the skin bellow nose and also inside the nose. These sores are small in size however they grow in the form of groups and therefore they can be painful. The skin where the infection occurs becomes red and appears as inflated. After some time of occurrence of the infection the sores grow in size and finally they burst i.e. they break open and dispose out a clear fluid. This may happen because of mechanical stress as touching with the finger etc. When this happens a curst is developed in the area of the infection.

However after this, the sores disappear themselves without doing anything. Therefore they may disappear even without the need to take medication.

As the sores appear in groups containing a large number of sores, the nose becomes very painful. They also cause itching. If they appear bellow the nose they are visible externally and therefore they cause embarrassment for the patient.

The infection occurs when the patient comes in to contact with the germs i.e. the herpes. They spread from the infected person to the other people. This happens when they sneeze or through the common use of things like towels, napkins, etc. it also occurs because of the touching the sores with the hand or other body parts.

Once the virus herpes simplex enters the body of the patient it may remain inactive for sometime. However due to some stimulus as cold or some other chemical stimulus also it may give rise to the sores on the skin. Therefore they occur commonly during the cold season and so called cold sores.

They can occur to people of any age from children to adults. However, in some 20 to 40% people though the herpes enters their body it remains inactive. It is not able to grow and create the symptoms of cold sores in them.

The remaining ones show the symptoms of the infection externally.

The complete cure from the infection is not possible. The virus remains in the body for ever though it may become inactive for sometime because of the cure methods. Therefore the cold sores occur frequently throughout the life of the patients.

The sore disappear naturally after their occurrence. This takes a time of about two weeks. Many types of creams and antiviral medicines are available in the market. However these will only reduce the time of healing by about 3 to 4 days. However they give immediate from the pain that these sores cause.

The main door towards success

Do you have someone dear to you who are drug dependent? Or are you, once in your life, been addicted with drugs and is now seeking for an effective DrugTreatment? If your head is nodding constantly then read on for I have the information you needed.

Drug addiction more than being a social problem imposes health risk on the person. He or she suffers changes in behavior that they might inflict harm on themselves. They are confused and have an impaired judgment. Their temper is short making them violent and aggressive. Yet, these people longs for our help even though they don’t verbalize it, but they really do. That is why more than our conviction on them, what they truly need is assistance, our understanding and our care.

Drug Treatment is a complex rehabilitative program. More than the prescribed drugs the person undergoes counseling and different forms of psychological therapy. Each DrugTreatment Center has special and unique DrugTreatment Program for every patient. Freedom Center in USA is known to be the best rehabilitation center in the country. Its 70% success rate proves that they can really assist any abused person change to become a mentally and emotionally stable one. Their program is holisitic meaning they designed it in a way that the patient will modify not just its behavior but also his/her emotional, spiritual, social, physical, health and sexual aspect of his life. Furthermore, they have this program called After Care plan that aims to assist the patient in the outside world. This is to guarantee that the person won’t try substances again. Our substance abused love ones need our love. Let us show it to them by giving them the best rehabilitation center. A rehabilitation center that is complete with necessary facilities and is equipped with the highly professional team to that will guide them every step towards recovery. However, it must be understood that any drug treatment will only be possible if the person involves accept that he or she is suffering from drug dependence. They have to understand that acceptance is the main door towards the success of the treatment and we are just here to support them.

School time!

I was so busy with my job that I can’t even stroll the mall to buy new clothes. My work had taken all my time that most of the time I am starting to think whether I am doing the right thing.

When I was a kid I dream to have a high paying job so I can earn big and have a good life. Lucky enough I was able to get it yet I never imagined that this means having no life at all. That is why I am thinking of going back to school once again. This is to open myself with other opportunities and also for continuous education per se. That is why I love the online it degree program of Western Governors University since I don’t need to resign from my present work just to study again because classes are held via online. Great right? Well for it is actually amazing!