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Father-daughter Wedding Dance Songs

If you have a wedding coming up for your daughter, you probably have very mixed emotions. Perhaps “mixed” isn’t even the right word… After all of the questions on guest list and budget and honeymoon have been answered, your daughter may ask you for some input on one very important moment in the wedding, the father-daughter dance.

Since you’ll be the co-star in this mini-production, you’ll want to think hard on what will make you and your favorite sweetheart look great. Now may be the time to finally take up your wife’s request to take dance lessons.

Here are seven songs you might consider for that first dance. They range from the classy to the corny, but all are appropriate for this very emotional moment for both of you.

1) Its a wonderful World by Louis Armstrong If it’s going to be sappy, then go for a classic. No one will ever fault you for picking this one, which sums up all the beauty there is in the world if you look for it. It can be a nice slow song for both daughter and dad.

2) Unforgettable Whether you pick the original Nat King Cole, or the cover version by his daughter, Natalie Cole, this is a nice and easy slow dance for those who won’t have the time to make it to dance lessons before the big event.

3) My Girl My Girl by The Temptations is a popular song that everyone loves. Its fun to dance to and the lyrics are spot on.

4) Sunrise Sunset This wedding song from the Fiddler on the Roof has been used in weddings for years. It has a slow tempo and it’s easy to dance to, if perhaps a little old-fashioned at this point. Watch out for its message since it can be a bit gloomy depending on how you are feeling about this point in your life.

5) The Way You Look Tonight Frank Sinatra’s version with Count Basie is an upbeat version of this classic.

6) You Brought a New Kind of Love to Me This was my first dance at my wedding, but I would pick it again to dance with my daughter. It also has a nice swing, is upbeat, but the lyrics say it all.

7) How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved by You) Whether you pick the original 1965 version, or the James Taylor cover, this classic hit is not often used as a wedding dance song, but is a good choice since it’s fun to dance to.

Seeing their child get married can be a proud and happy day for a father, but it can also be stressful, particularly when it is their daughter’s wedding. To help dads negotiate the wedding minefield read these parenting advice for fathers apprehensive about the big day.

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