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5 Top Government Schemes For People Living With Disabilities

The UK government has implemented many schemes with a view to making everyday life easier and more accessible for people living with a disability.

One such scheme is the Disabled Facilities Grant, which is a local council grant to help you with the cost of adapting your home to suit your physical needs. The emphasis is on making your home a safe and comfortable place to live; to enable you to continue living there, rather than having to move to a specialised facility. The grant is paid out after an assessment and the changes are deemed reasonable and practical. You are able to claim if you or the person who you are applying for is either the owner or tenant of the property; you also need to certify that you will be occupying the property as your only or main residence for the grant period, which is currently five years. These grants are only available in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Scottish residents should contact the Social Services department.

Common uses of the grant include widening doors, installing ramps, providing a downstairs bathroom, installing a chairlift and adapting heating and lighting controls. Your needs will be assessed by an occupational therapist. A Disabled Facilities Grant will not affect any other benefits you are receiving.

The Motability Scheme allows disabled people to lease or buy a car, powered wheelchair or scooter through government funded allowances. You do not even have to drive yourself as you can apply for a car as a passenger whilst naming two other drivers. An approved dealer can lease you a car for at least three years. Also included in the package are servicing, insurance and breakdown cover. The car can also be adapted to suit your needs but contributions from yourself may be necessary. You may apply for a car on behalf of a child aged three or over who is in receipt of the higher rate mobility component of the Disability Living Allowance.

The Blue Badge Scheme is a service, which allows holders of the badge with severe mobility problems to park close to their destination. It only applies to on street parking and badge holders can park on single or double yellow lines for up to three hours. This applies as long as there are no bans on loading or unloading in the area. In Scotland there is no time limit in place for parking on yellow lines. Blue Badge holders are also able to park for free at pay and display machines and on street parking meters. Local councils issue the Blue Badge and some people may need to undergo an assessment to see if they are entitled to have one. Others such as people who are registered blind, receive a War Pensioner’s Mobility supplement or receive the higher rate of the mobility component of the Disability Living Allowance do not need to undergo an assessment.

The Warm Front Scheme provides insulation and heating improvements for your home up to the value of £3500 or £6000 if oil, low carbon or renewable technologies have been recommended. Eligibility is granted if the householder is in receipt of Disability Living Allowance or War Disablement Pension that should include a mobility supplement or constant attendance allowance. The term ‘householder’ also includes the applicant’s spouse or partner.

A new scheme to start in October 2010 is Work Choice, a disability back to work scheme. The scheme was brought in under the previous Labour Government and has been designed to provide extra support for disabled people who are far removed from accessing the labour market. It aims to help severely disabled people overcome obstacles to gaining and keeping jobs. It replaces three existing schemes, including Workstep.

Insufficiency Single Parent – Government lends A Helping Hand

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The growth in magnitude of the mono parents are steadily rising. Such a growth is seen not only in the U.S., but all other countries as well.

According to a public canvass conducted, when given a chance, a high margin of the U.S. population selected for parenting their children companionless, single handedly. It derives a conclusion that, people are not available to parents for each other, but rather, it is an option to automatically select them.

Aid Fund Realizing the difficulty of raising children only and alone, the government enables financial backup to the suffering parents mono, thus minimizing their strain and durability.
The government aid is available for people society, particularly for poor parents spouseless.
mono For parents looking for monetary assistance, to apply for financial assistance, should get hold of these documents to appeal for the grant, from the City Hall around. The answers to these queries should be inscribed and it ought to be legitimate as the data is checked and will be the basis for accrediting their claim for the mentioned above.
Although it grants money is accessible by any parent mono, with specifications and conditions for applying, to secure the capital money from the mind clan. />
Mono parents to get copious amounts of damages and profits, enough to help the children at ease and even in an extreme way, you can not use monetary assistance rendered by the administration. />

Conditions Apply /> To prove because of the support extended by the regime, especially the parent mono marriage should be repealed effect. Who else, the other parent should have long ago kicked the bucket or are disabled or crippled. />
The management and professionals, assuming that the parent financial aid, child care, such situations are not available, they offer financial parenting. />
Also, considering that a period of 365 days is enough to sense he had, a parents, singled out because of abjuring of children by other fathers as well as certified to apply for assistance. />
Financial assistance is provided for single parents, a situation that the other parent being imprisoned or if the child is born to an unmarried couple. />
Another example, a swiftly escalating cases, when one of the parents, unless the parents who currently young guards, were unidentified. />
Children and parents in raising each child, below the standard, is not entitled to seek monetary guidance or aid from the government. />
– If parents or mono for both mother and father, the child is a beneficiary or allowance for holdings />
.- Auxiliary disability pension is achieved mono by parents for her affliction or because of him having children


– Public Benefits pension could be achieved by mono current parent takes child care />
. Although the funds are provided for parents mono, they ought to realize that, more than money, the care and emotional back up is more important and superior to any aid rendered by the regime of the country’s needy parents mono.

Upgrade To The Dyson DC25 Animal

If your latest vacuums are too hard to push, upgrade to the dyson all floors dc25 .

Who would have thought to invent a vacuum cleaner using a plastic ball ? But that’s exactly what what happened with Dyson’s line of ball technology vacuum cleaners .

It makes sense though, especially for folks who live with back pain , injury or other disabilities .

It even makes good sense if your house has a lot of nooks and crannies , so to speak .

Sometimes vacuuming the house can be a painstaking nuisance of a chore . Running that thing around , and still never getting to where you need to be . And as you struggle , the side of your vacuum gets caught in a table leg , or side swiped the door frame because you misjudged the distance . If you’re rough on vacs , your vacuum might begin to have scuff marks along the edges.

Ok this may be getting a little outlandish , but the point I’m trying to make is that , oftentimes the vac doesn’t want to cooperate and it ends up taking a lot more effort than it should .

Here comes a pivot ball . Now, instead of vacuuming the floors requiring effort , vacuuming with the dyson all floors dc25 is now a snap . For folks who have a difficult time running the vacuum , this could become a pleasant surprise . A vacuum cleaner that relies on utilizing your wrist to maneuver it , rather than the shoulder, requires less effort .

Combined with the superior design, the dyson dc25 ball , this is an award winning combo .

It costs more than an average upright vacuum , but innovative technology comes with a higher price tag . Just look at all iPhones and laptop computers out there today. Convenience usually always comes with a higher price .

As long as price is backed by a solid product, it’s a great exchange . If the product has a good warranty , it’s an even better deal. If the product has both, it’s a no-brainer .

If greater maneuverability and easy usage are important aspects of your hunt for a solid vacuum , you may wish to upgrade your vacuum cleaner and give the dyson dc25 animal a spin .

Son? S books and books bring toddlers living color

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toddlers Children’s books and books are some of the most colorful items that grace the front windows of bookstores. It was an age when a majority of the population in the world decided to go for everything other than books as modes of learning and entertainment. Book lovers around the world frowned on as bookworms. All this happens despite the people know that the book is the best source of learning and knowledge. We believe that, when someone buys the books for their toddlers and children, they’re probably giving them the best gift possible. toddlers Children’s books and books full of color and life and they will make everyone happy and educated at the same time.

Buying the best children’s books and toddlers book is easy. They can be found in all bookstores and children’s stores. The advantage to toddlers and children is that almost everything is new for them. As a result, colorful children’s books and books toddlers to keep them happy and engaged. This is, toddlers and children keep their parents on their toes. Fascinating children’s books and toddlers’ books to keep toddlers and children engaged for long periods of time and let the parents achieve some much needed rest. />
It is a fact that children books and toddlers’ books to bring learning and joy of all. toddlers and children learn by going through the colorful pages that describe the word, colorful characters and more. There are many parents read stories to their toddlers and children before the young ones hit the bed. If parents had to read from some nasty book contains rows and columns of text, they themselves are likely to fall asleep. The pictures and the colors of children’s books and toddlers’ book keep it interesting at all. paint They are pictures of the stories in books and attract attention to everyone’s. Many smile, remembering old times , when Mom and Dad read to us and shared the pictures in the book, with love and happiness. />
The modern children’s books and toddlers books come with CDs use the narrative to explain the content of the book. So, the children see the colorful images of characters and hear the words to maximize the interest and attention. The study will get reinforced and strengthened. The Parents always enjoy spending time with their kids and sharing of best books while helping their children’s minds grow and learn. />
The best children’s books and Toddlers ‘books available in the market to ensure that children learn while they play. They have the ability to keep children hooked for hours. Using children’s books and toddlers’ books that enable children to learn best way to help them learn. With a wide range available in different languages and contains stories and pictures from around the world, children’s books and toddlers’ book is a sure shot way for parents and kids to learn from each other. />
With children’s books and toddlers’ book, the parents get to spend quality time with their kids , helping to create bonds that can stay strong for ever. It has been observed that children learn languages faster and better in school if the book is introduced early in their lives. Both children and Their parents get to enjoy the colors, stories and characters of books brought to their lives.

Parenting Tips Discipline Toddlers Learning Guide For Good Parenting Skills

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Trying to discipline your baby and deciding on the best and most effective way for both you and your baby is no easy feat. Some of the most effective parenting tips baby ‘s discipline techniques will be tried and tested all at your disposal in this article.

Instead of yelling at them, rather than try to lower your tone. It will get attention as toddlers they concentrate to hear them say, and it breaks the pattern of their behavior which is a great parenting tip for infants s

raising your voice will make children scared, imagine how you feel if someone yells at you. Lowering your voice and only saying “No!” With a firm but quiet manner should achieve your goals.

Another great parenting tip baby s

When your child tantrums, be aware that you’re not the only parent in the world , or even the supermarket, which is exactly the same position as you when your child throws themselves on the floor and screams blue murder.

best parenting tips baby ‘s discipline strategy to deal with a toddler tantrum is to ignore it. Make sure your child is going to come no harm, and then refuse to give your child any attention until they are stopped.

S-911 GPS Tracking Bracelet

Your elderly mother or father has fallen and needs immediate help, but nobody knows there’s an emergency. Or maybe grandma or grandpa, or a child with a cognitive disability, has unexpectedly wandered off and you have no idea where to look. Your loved one may be next door at a neighbor’s empty home. Or maybe hundreds of miles away after getting in a car to drive without any sense of direction.

Finding your loved one within the first 24 hours is crucial — especially during extreme weather conditions. Sadly, statistics show about half of wanderers missing for at least 24 hours are not found alive. Some are never even found.

Now, with the advanced high-tech features of the S-911 GPS bracelets, you can receive immediate notification if your loved one has fallen or has begun to wander. And you’ll know precisely where your loved one is. The S-911 GPS Bracelet is a lightweight, user-friendly personal locator device conveniently worn around the wrist. With assisted GPS (works indoors), two-way communication, real-time tracking, fall sensor, Geo-fencing, auto calling of emergency contacts and more, the S-911 GPS Bracelet has just set the new standard for personal locator devices.

Simply put, the S-911 GPS bracelets are the most advanced personal tracking device currently on the market. Visit our website for more information and to share your story. Our solutions for those with Alzheimer’s, Autism, and other cognitive disorders can help give you back peace of mind.

The S-911 GPS Bracelet has just set the new standard for personal locator devices. Visit our website for more information and to share your story. Our solutions for those with Alzheimer’s, Autism, and other cognitive disorders can help give you back peace of mind.Finding your loved one within the first 24 hours is crucial — especially during extreme weather conditions. Sadly, statistics show about half of wanderers missing for at least 24 hours are not found alive. Some are never even found.

Doll Care Tips for Your 18 Inch American Girl Doll

My daughter and I love to visit the American Girl® Place. We always dine at the cafe my daughter’s favorite is of course their dessert. I must say, it’s just too pretty to eat. One favorite spot in the store is the doll’s hair salon. You can hang out and watch the stylists spruce up some magnificent magic do’s. One of the stylists had shared some really important doll care tips, which I would love to share with you. There are also some tips from a good friend who is an avid doll collector for over forty two years. I hope these are helpful as they have been for me and my daughter.

Always Wash your hands before handling your doll. By doing so you will keep her clean longer.

Always use a doll’s wire hairbrush. If you brush your doll’d hair daily it will prevent from getting tangled but always remember to mist lightly. If you brush your doll’s hair dry it may cause ripping and damage to your doll’s hair which is made of synthetic fibers.

Never put mousse, hairspray, shampoo, conditioner, tangle free liquids, foam or any chemicals on your doll’s hair. Your doll does not have human hair and therefore by applying those items mentioned above with only damage your doll’s hair. Remember water “H20″ is only the best and recommended by American Girl©.

Never use blowdryers, curling irons or straightners on your doll’s hair otherwise you will literally melt her hair. There are other safe and fun alternatives to curling and styling your doll’s hair. American Girl©. sells perm rods and curling paper but here is an economical way my daughter and neice came up with. Use paper towel or toliet paper tubes and cut about an inch or so. Take a strand of hair, lightly mist, fold curling paper and roll the paper tube like a roller, fasten with a bobbie pin or clip, let dry and fluff with fingers. The aftermath is beautiful. You can also mist a strand of hair , fold curling paper, twist and dry.

If your doll’s hair does gets tangled do not use what you would normally use on your own hair ie. detangled mist or creme rinse. Just mist water on your doll’s hair and brush it from the ends and work your way up, in strands.

Always avoid getting water on your doll’s skin. My daughter puts an apron or a towel on her doll before spritzing and doesn’t allow the water to come in contact with her doll’s face.

Never keep your doll in direct sunlight. If you leave your doll in the sun all of her coloring will fade, including her Costumes<-font>_2894678.html”>doll clothes.

Baking soda works well to wash your doll’s face. If your doll has a stain you can use a little baking soda on a lightly dampened washcloth and gently wash her face. Let it air dry after wards.

With mom’s help you can help keep your doll’s cloth body clean and smell fresh. Have mom vacuum the soft cloth body, lightly sprinkle some baking soda or cornstarch in to the cloth, leave overnight, and then vacuum again.

Doll clothes should be hand wash or machine wash in Delicate cycle.

Try to avoid eating with your dolls. If food comes in contact, have your mom help you clean her up.

If your doll’s head loosens, it can be tighten. Untie the strings at the back of the neck of your doll and secure the head in place. Make two knots with the strings to keep secure.

My daughter has 10 American girl dolls. Ouch! :) One of her gripes was Molly’s hair as many of you Molly owners can agree. We were told at the American Girl Place, that Molly’s hair is textured. Therefore, her hair is best kept in braids. Since she followed their advice, she has since regain her fun with Molly. She works with Molly’s braids, changing her hair bows, twirling each braid up on each side, attached into a single pony tail or french braid.

My darling daughter loves her dolls and enjoys dressing, reading to them as well as reading about them and having tea parties with them as well. She says “Momma, I will never depart with them. I plan on giving them to my daughter one day.” As a mom, I am so thrilled to hear this. I know these dolls are a big investment but when I see how in tune she is with them and loves reading about them. I know is well worth the investment. Also, I love the innocence that these dolls contribute to young girls. In today’s world, I find that to be a treasure.

Fat burner for women

If you are lazy couch potato or hate exercising because it’s tedious but still dreams of sexy body without doing anything and you are hoping that fat burner can do the trick fulfilling your wishes? Think again. You can achieve lot by proper diet and taking correct diet pills, try to click this site

A fat burner can help change anybody life around if it used properly. Have you ever before had people to say you for being fat and ugly. If you have suffered that then it completely understandable why you would won’t to use diet pills that can help you to reduce your size and improved your health.

Once you are on a good programs using a products that really help for you to achieve your goal what will all those people say, now all they can tease you about it being ugly but who cares if you have body to die for. What ugly to a person not to another just ask any mother if they don’t think there baby the prettiest baby.

Cheap tanning lotion

Are you looking for the cheap tanning lotion? Have you searched through various cheap tanning lotion only to be overwhelmed with all the different kids? Tanning lotions are good alternative to tanning at the pool, beach or anywhere in the sun. They have become popular over the fast few years and widely used among people of all ages. This tanning lotion can keep you tan all years round instead of waiting the summer months to come just to spend hours under the sun.
Other tanning lotions can also used to accelerate your tan during the tanning process. This is mostly used among those who want the fastest tan possible in the least amount of time.

Out Christmas shopping toddler stolen in the blink of an eye!

You have to go out Chritmas shopping taking your toddler with you in the pram,If your toddler is screaming,is feeling cold, bored in the pram what do you do ?

Are you tempted to take baby out of the pram as the stress of shopping in packed place becomes imposssible to concentrate?

Do you usually let your toddler stand beside you as you just get your purse out to pay the cashier or tell them to just stand there a minute at the side of the pram?

.Do you leave your pram outside the shop if only for a minute occassionally glancing at the over from the corner of your eye?

Do you put toddler reigns on or a hand strap?. At Cheeky Chums hand straps become too tight as we have experienced from the past so we recommend full chest reigns.that way toddlers can stand up but you still know he/she is safe as you hold the reigns.

We don’t stock them anymore but what about toddler squeaky shoes highly available on the internet they squeak with every step and start from sizes 3-7 Fab idea highly recommended product!You know that your toddler is near with the sound they make.

What about taking some treats with you a warm bottle, dried fruit your toddler can nibble on such as sultanas,apricots mango,keep toddlers warm with hand mittens,gloves hats and blanket in the pram they will be cosier and not scream as much due to the bitter cold.Keep them interested by having small toys to swap with one book and a child may throw it after a while swapping them will keep them interested longer,giving you a little extra longer to shop in crmped conditions.

Don’t leave your toddler outside the shop whilst you nip inside to do your christmas shopping stranger danger beware! Plus your chrsitmas gifts can be stolen if you put them under the pram.Try to shop with a friend to take turns watching each others pram outside.

For more valuable toddler safety tips visit our main website in the first instance at there are lots listed under articles at the foot of the page

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