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Baby Potty Chairs

When it comes to potty chairs the Baby Bjorn Potty Chair is probably one of the most well know and popular potty chairs. Baby Bjorn does not make a ton of potty training products but the ones they do make are a high quality that consumers have come to expect from Baby Bjorn.There are many things to look for when it comes to choosing a potty for your little one. You need to consider what you are willing to deal with, you need to consider who your child is and what their personality will like, you need to consider safety factors, the list goes on and on.

Potty Chairs and Toilet Seats

The adult toilet can be an imposing and frightening place to the baby. Baby training chairs are like small toilets for baby, only you empty the potty pan each time baby goes potty. These can be plastic or wooden with a plastic bowl for holding waste. There are all types of potty chairs on the market, and some will reward baby with a musical chime when he uses the potty. When the child is older, you can also find a potty seat that fits over the regular toilet seat so that baby feels more comfortable using the “big” potty. Some parents have had luck with boy baby potty training by having the baby to practice his aim at bits of Cheerios cereal that are tossed into the potty chair pan.

Be sure to let them lead the way at first, you should not ask them to use it yet, unless they insist. We still need to do more showing first. Just explain to them, “this is your own potty to go pee or poop on”. Leave toilet seat adapters, for after they are using the potty chair on regular basis. Sometimes the big potty is too high, sometimes it could be in use. Using the big potty can be too scary yet. Some kids like their new potty chair, they can sit on it with their clothes on or off.

Potty training is both a frustrating and rewarding experience. It can be very time-consuming, but also will definitely pay off in the end. You have several options when comes to choosing which throne is best for your little prince or princess: tiny potty chairs, potty seats that attach to the toilet and hand-me-down potties.Have your child sit on different seats so that you can note their size in relation to your kid’s size. The right chair allows your little one’s feet to rest on the floor so she can bear down when she has to poop. Dangling feet may slow the process.

Potty seats look and feel a lot more like the regular toilet than a potty chair. This may be a plus in your toddler’s mind, since he is using the big guy’s toilet and not a baby one. When deciding how you want to potty train, keep in mind your toddler’s personality and motivation.

A potty seat is simply a smaller, usually cushioned, seat that fits on top of and around the regular toilet ring on your toilet at home.

Washable Breast Pads

Breast pads are one of many things that can help a breastfeeding mother. As any breastfeeding mother can tell you, milk tends to leak at the most inopportune times, i.e. when you are shopping at the store, walking the dog, etc…The pads are placed inside the bra and collect the milk that leaks so that no one knows but you. But reusable breast pads are even better. Here’s why:


Some manufacturers claim that regular stimulation of the breast tissue by pumps induces the pituitary gland to increase the production and release of the female hormones responsible for breast growth. Detractors however claim that the pump has only a temporary effect and is prone to cause damage to the soft breast tissue.

So reason number one for nursing pads– the SMELL. At least in the first few weeks when the milk is most concentrated. If you are wearing nursing pads and they start to smell, you can always replace them with fresh ones. In my case, I didn’t have any with me and I don’t think I had a change of clothes left. In had never crossed my mind to purchase pads before I went to the hospital, so I contacted a friend of mine who’d just finished breastfeeding and asked her if she could send over a few day’s supply, which she did.

We all know that early detection is the key to saving lives which is most important. But what about reduction in mastectomy, chemotherapy and other treatments? Breast cancer has the best prognosis and less invasive treatments the earlier it’s detected. Breast cancer starts smaller then.25 CM, about the size of a grain of barley! Sooner and smaller is always better than later and larger. It takes 6 to 10 years to grow to 1 CM, but once at 1 CM it only takes 1 to 3 years to grow to 3 or 4 CM! At just 1 CM the tumor begins to spread to other areas of the body.

The Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump is piston-driven, giving mom more comfortable and efficient pumping. It includes the Ameda HygieniKit Milk Collection System, for easy clean-up, as well as individually adjustable cycle and suction controls to make the pumping experience completely personalized to the mother’s preferences. It’s very well adapted for busy moms, with 3 options for power sources (AC adapter, AA batteries, or car charger) and portability.

How is a new mom to sort it out? Preparing a list of pregnancy and breastfeeding supplies that doesn’t break the bank can be done with a little help. Here are a few pointers to get started.

My favorite breast pump is the Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump. One of the great things about the Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump is that the motor is small — so it can easily be taken out of the case (most other pumps make it difficult to take the motor out, so you basically have to put the WHOLE bag on your desk or table while pumping.)

Air Protect Technology – One Great Reason To Buy A Safety 1St Car Seat

There are a few good reasons why Safety 1st Car Seats are a good choice for your child, including the excellent Air Protect Technology. This technology is smart, innovative and perhaps the most advanced feature currently being offered in car seats.

Air Protect is the technology that will protect children in their most vulnerable spots, which is their heads. The main aim of Air Protect is to defend children against receiving serious head injuries that often occur in automobile accidents and side impact collisions. Side impacts are without any doubt extremely dangerous, and are known to account for about a third of all fatalities affecting little children.

Air Protect technology ensures more precision when releasing air, which protects your child from intrusion in a side impact. This is achieved during ride-down, which is the time taken during a crash for the child to move. The longer the “ride-down,” the more time a child’s bones and organs have to absorb the energy of the crash. A Longer ride-down time means there is less power transferred to the body, which reduces the chances of injury.

With the help of Air Protect Technology your Safety 1st Car Seats will easily divert the force from a crash away from the head of your child, which is of course most vulnerable during side impact accidents.

Safety 1st tests all of its car seats through use of special techniques that duplicate an actual side impact car crash. In fact, the testing methods employed are industry standards – the same testing methods also currently being used by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Safety First car seats are among the most popular on the market, and are widely available at many online stores, department stores and baby supply stores. Your child deserves the best protection money can buy. Give your child the protection he or she deserves with a Safety 1st seat with Air Protect Technology.

Buy Cheap Beds For Kids

Children’s rooms are not just sleeping spaces for kids nowadays. They are considered personal spaces where they can spend time to study as well as have fun. As such, it is very important that you create a room for your kids that speaks of their personal style.

Redecorating your kids’ room does not have to be expensive. There are now many ways for you to make your kid’s room his own personal space, and to start it off, you have to get the right kind of bed. There are now many affordable or even cheap beds for kids. The good thing about these beds is that they come with particular themes that will cater to the interests of your kids.

There are now cheap kids’ beds that are adorned with their favorite cartoons. You can make your kid’s bed as the focus of the decorative theme of his or her bedroom. There are many types of beds that are available for girls and boys. Examples of these are the princess beds and the superhero beds.

Of course, if you want to take cheap beds a notch higher, then you can go for the platform beds or the bunk beds. Usually, these beds will match well with whatever color or decorative scheme that you are planning to have for your son or your daughter’s bedroom. They also come with safety features as well. Many of these beds come complete with built-in storage spaces like drawers at the bottom, so that your kid’s room can be tidy and organized.

For a superb choice of great value beds and mattresses from leading brand such as; Tempur, Vi-spring, Slumberland and Millbrook, you would be hard pressed to beat the Classic Bed Company. With over 20 years experience in the bed trade and a staff of experienced experts, you can rest assured that the Classic Bed Company will help you make the right decision when purchasing your new bed. Whatever style or design you require they will have a high quality bed to suit your needs. For more information visit the website at or call on free phone; 0800 9702060.

Little Helpers Can Make A Big Difference

Many hands create the day-to-day messes in the home. Cleaning, laundry, organizing, and cooking should be – and can be – a family activity.

The key is to engage everyone and find age appropriate activities. If they’re ever going to be responsible adults, kids need to learn how to do laundry. It’s even better if they learn it young and can practise and help while they’re at home — long before they really have to do it for themselves. Purex’s laundry experts have assembled age-appropriate tips to teach your children how to do laundry.

Preschoolers – Laundry can be used as a fun teaching tool for your children. Preschoolers are learning their colours – a great way to reinforce what they have learned is to teach them how to sort laundry into darks, coloured and whites. This is a brilliant opportunity for the parent to ask: “What colour is this?” and then praise the child for a correct answer.

Give them small folding tasks like facecloths, towels and even putting socks together. As they become more skilled, you can demonstrate tougher assignments like folding shirts.

School-age – Folding and sorting are mastered. They can also be taught to check for stains in their laundry and to accompany the parents to the laundry room to help load the machines.

Once kids begin grade school, they begin to push back – it’s natural. One way to keep laundry fun for them is to make it a game or throw on their favourite music.

Middle school – Pre-teens can start doing their own laundry. If you are reticent to let your kid add the detergent and fabric softener on his own, then consider Purex Complete 3-in-1 laundry sheets. Each sheet contains a load’s worth of detergent, softener and anti-static. When you drop the laundry sheet into the washer, the detergent is released during the wash cycle. Once the wash is complete, you transfer the laundry sheet along with the clothes into the dryer. The stripe is heat-activated by the dryer to soften and remove static. Instead of multiple containers in your laundry room you are left with only one.

Make Dishwashing A Family Affair

Parents often rely on all family members to help around the house. Although dishwashing is a continual household chore, many parents consider it too delicate a task for young family members to assist with. However, with some instruction and the right products, even young children can help out with dishwashing.

“Every second of your day counts, so why not look to simplify daily chores or ask for some help,” says Raheel Dhaduk, brand manager at Reckitt Benckiser (Canada) Inc., the makers of Finish dishwashing detergent. “Our new Finish Quantumatic allows you to do just that. With its innovative automatic dishwashing detergent dispenser, which releases a fixed amount of dishwashing detergent for 12 separate washes, anyone at any age can simply turn the dishwasher on. It’s easy to use and never messy, and dishes will automatically come out with a brilliant, clean and shine.”

Young children are often enthusiastic helpers, and with the right products, family members of all ages can help make doing the dishes a quick, easy family affair. More dishwasher tips are available online at

• No need to pre-rinse dishes if using a detergent containing powerful cleaning agents. Simply teach children to scrape off large food particles, such as bones and toothpicks, before loading them up.

• To prevent breakage and chipping, put young family members in charge of the bottom rack, which should contain larger items.

• Assign taller, older children to the top rack, which should hold glassware and more fragile items.

• Adults should place sharp items and larger serving utensils horizontally in the upper rack.

• To keep the task fun, allow the youngest helper to turn the dishwasher on once it is completely full. With an automatic detergent dispenser, such as Finish Quantumatic, nobody needs to worry about filling the detergent cup – just switch the dishwasher on and rest assured the right amount of detergent will be released.

Kid’s Closet Organizer Ideas

1) Small items need somewhere to go that is easy for your child to access. Buckets and baskets are extremely useful for things like socks, tights, dance clothes, gloves, hats, sports gear, and more. If everything has a space, your child is more likely to use it.

2) Accessories can become a real problem in a kid’s room, especially a girl’s room. Hair accessories need a place to go because chances are they are going to multiply! You can attach hair ties and pony tail holders to a hook or series of hooks. Barrettes can be hung on a ribbon in the closet. You can sew clips onto the ribbon to hold odd shaped items, like headbands. Boys can use clips for hats, scarves and other accessories.

3) Shoes really need a place to go. Otherwise, they become a mountain in the bottom of the closet. Kids can easily lose the shoe that they’re looking for, slowing you down when you’re trying to leave the house. Plus, the ones that they don’t wear anymore or have outgrown just get buried. Try to get a shoe organizer that hangs over the door, or makes it easy for kids to use. A shoe cubby inside of your front door might be a better place than your kid’s closet for shoes.

4) Activities need a place to go, too. Kids accumulate games, arts and crafts, model kits, and other things with small pieces that you may not necessarily want just laying around the room. This is especially true if you have little ones and are concerned about choking hazards. Having games and activities put away in the closet also helps you to keep the room under control when your child has a friend over. Build or install a small group of shelves in the front corner of your child’s closet for these things. You can put them up higher if you need to keep them more out of reach. If your child’s closet has a top shelf, you might just want to put another shelf a few inches above it. This will make a perfect slot for board games without using any extra space.

5) Outfits can be paired for easy access and easy school mornings. You can pair tops and bottoms on children’s hangers with clips or specialty hangers designed to hold tops and bottoms. You can also get a hanging canvas organizer that lets your child pick their outfits for the week. They can put each outfit in a different day’s slot. This can help you to figure out what to get rid of too. If it never goes into the organizer, then they aren’t going to wear it and you can give it away or put it on consignment.

Spruce Up Your Kid’s Closet

Kid’s closets can be harder to organize than an adult’s closet, but with these tips, you can set it up in a way that works for you and your child. Getting things to where a child can manage them is key. You will need to clearly label where things go and make sure that you have a special place for everything. Read on for more tips and ideas for getting your kid’s closet organized and easy to care for.

1) Make the closet an interesting place for your child. You can paint the door with pictures of things that they like. Paint their name on it or hang something to make it special. You can use a bulletin board to hang their art or school work. Let them decorate the door however they want. It’s okay if it doesn’t go with the rest of their room. You don’t have to keep it like that forever. You may even decide to take the door outside and let them paint whatever they want on it. Personalizing their space makes it more interesting for them to take care of it.

2) Put lots of hooks and containers within their reach. Label each one with what goes inside. Containers with open tops, like baskets, are great for organizing socks, underwear, hair bows, dance clothes, sports equipment, and more. If everything has a labeled space to go, it will encourage reading, word recognition, and will be easier for your child to clean without your help.

3) Consider putting a shelf about three feet off the floor. This will give you a great place to put bins, buckets, stacks of t-shirts, or pajamas. Underneath, you can have storage, a laundry basket, toy shelves, or just leave it empty like a little club house.

4) Children do well with things like shoe organizers. Utilize the space on the back of their closet door for shoes, hats, hair accessories, gloves, scarves or purses. Put plenty of hooks within their reach. Use hooks that attract them to the space. Big knobs are great for kids because they’re easy to manage and they don’t have pointy ends to poke them if they’re not paying attention.

5) Make space for things like board games, building blocks, art supplies, or other toys that have a lot of little parts. If you want your child to have to ask for these items to play with them, just put them up higher. This will keep them and their friends from dumping out too many toys at once, creating more for you to clean up.

Child Safety Car Seats – Eight Facts To Consider

The old adage “don’t leave home without it” certainly applies to child safety car seats as much as it does anything else. When you become a new parent, buying a car seat that provides comfort and safety for your child is one of the most important items you will ever buy for your newborn. Your child will be riding in a child car seat for several years, so you need to buy a seat that will last until they reach the age and weight when it will no longer be needed. This article presents Eight (8) important facts about child safety car seats you may want to consider.

1. In the United States, all 50 states and Washington DC have laws that require infants and children to travel in approved child safety seats fitting certain criteria based on age, weight, and height.

2. Most states also require car booster seats for children who have outgrown their car seats but have not reached the age, weight or height to safely use a regular seat belt. The criteria for which seat belts can be used instead of car seats also differ among various states.

3. Most hospitals will not release a newborn to go home unless you have proof of an authorized car seat in your car. Finding a car seat for your baby shouldn’t be much of a problem however, as you can find them at most large discount retailers, drug stores, and just about anywhere else baby supplies are sold.

4. No child seat is safe unless it is installed properly in your car. Make sure you read the directions carefully and follow them. Never put a safety seat in the front passenger side of the car. This is because the airbags could injure the child on impact should the air bag inflate in an accident. If there is a rear airbag near the seat, you may have to disable it to protect your newborn.

5. An infant seat needs to be shaped in a manner that it protects the child securely and completely. There are inserts you can buy to ‘hug’ the newborn until they grow into their seat.

6. One type of seat – the convertible seat – can be adjusted as your child grows. This fortunately allows you to use the seat for a longer amount of time before needing to buy a booster seat.

7. If your budget is tight, you can find used car seats that are like brand new at thrift stores or online for a very reasonable price. A new seat is obviously the best way to go, but if in a pinch for funds, a gently used one will serve the purpose.

8. Are you having a baby shower? If so, you may get one as a gift. Be sure to register in the baby gift registry at the department store or baby supply store and let your shower guests know where you are registered. A safety car seat is an item that people can chip in on and buy it as a group gift.

Finally, congratulations on your new baby and the decision to use a child safety seat for ultimate protection. Look online for deals or go to your local big box department store or baby supply store. Plan ahead so you have the seat ready to go on the blessed day you bring your baby home.

Classic Childhood Bedding

There was once a time when kids would actually use their imaginations to play and have fun not these video games. Back when I was a child I remember going on all types of mystical adventures with just the use of our imaginations. We had a tree house that my father and I built together so that my friends and I could play there. The project took the entirety of my third grade summer but, when it was built my friends and I would spend all of our time up their doing everything from our homework to our classic farting matches. That is why when I had children of my own I was in such a thrill to finally be able to pass on all my vast childhood knowledge, like the secret recipe of a mud pie or how to make a sling shot wist normal house hold objects.

But, it is very difficult during this wonderful age of technology to pass on knowledge from the old days. Instead of building a tree house this summer my boys ranked number six in their halo tournament. And whenever their friends are over they all just sit their quietly text each other jokes and laughing to themselves. yes it seems between tweeter and instant messages it is hard to get quality time with our children. Luckily there is always bed time. This is the place where we rain supreme because when all the various gadgets go away we get to tell them stories about our own childhood and what it was like when we grew up. And with the designs at olive kids our children get to take a step in the past and experience the type of bedrooms we had when we grew up my sons personally love the space design of olive kids out of this world. A lot of the things we once loved are now dated but, it is still important when the world slows down to pass on pieces of knowledge to our next generation of youth.