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Sittercity Information & Services, founded in 2001, is a website that matches child care and other care with its users. With trust being a major issue when hiring a new sitter, SitterCity helps to eliminate risk by offering detailed profiles, background checks, photos, reviews, and other information.

SitterCity allows users to search for local sitters, nannies, and other caregivers, or post jobs with their own descriptions. They can also search based on different skills and qualifications including: the ability provide their own transportation, CPR certification, first aid training, ability to cook, ability to do light housework, and other details.

Types of Care Providers on SitterCity

SitterCity is one of the largest databases of caregivers in the nation with over a million providers listed. Although the site was originally founded for the purpose of connecting babysitters and nannies to families, it has expanded to offer other care services. Users of the site also can now hire mother’s helpers, pet sitters, dog walkers, cat sitters, senior care providers, elderly care providers, home nursing providers, housekeepers, housesitters, maids, and tutors. Be sure to use their promotion code when signing up.

Provider Screening Process

Every contractor that SitterCity lists is subject to a four-step screening process. This allows users to screen sitters for safety and hire those who best fit their needs. Users can browse the profiles of care providers that include detailed information, pictures, video, and references.

Also, these profiles allow users to be able to read reviews of independent caregivers so they can have an informed opinion about those who they are looking to hire. Users can check the background of each sitter or nannie for an additional fee. They can also check references and conduct an in-person interview for even more screening.

SitterCity Savings

SitterCity is not a free service. They charge an access fee to their directories. They consistently allow visitors to use a promotional code at checkout that generally averages savings around 15%. The code changes with the seasons. Click here for the current SitterCity promotion code.

How Providers Benefit from SitterCity

Sitters and care providers greatly benefit from SitterCity as the site gets a lot of traffic, and the traffic is targeted toward users looking to hire sitters. SitterCity provides excellent exposure for care providers and is much more effective than traditional job finding methods like newspaper and job wanted ads.

Also, the unique benefit of SitterCity is that caregivers are able to list their strengths and qualifications in great detail. This allows them to sell themselves and highlight their best qualities to the users looking to hire them.

Advantages of SitterCity

Many users and families have had great success with SitterCity in finding nannies and sitters that have met their expectations and requirements. With very competitive pricing compared to other child care options or babysitting agencies, it is a budget friendly resource for families and users looking for a high quality and trustworthy babysitter or other care provider. The site has been covered several times in the media and it has grown substantially due to its reliability, success rate, promotion codes, and detailed features it providers for both users and care providers.

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Does Your Child Have Behavior Problems?

Does Your Child Have Behavior Problems? Are you emotionally and mentally exhausted because of it? Nothing is more exhausting than emotional or mental exhaustion. Emotional exhaustion is often defined as the result of a stress overload over a specific event. But this is not a completely accurate description. It doesn’t take one event to put someone into this state. Anyone who has lived with an alcoholic can tell you that. The same goes for the parent or parents of an unruly or defiant child.

Tired of getting up in the morning? Having burnout or emotional exhaustion even for just one part of your life can make it difficult to even want to start the next day. If one day is so frustrating why would anyone want to get up and start all over again.

Parents are inundated with social and familial expectations. To the point that so many parents are looked down on for their child’s out of control behavior. The child that screams in the grocery store – must be the parent’s fault; the child that is rude or disobedient – must be the parent’s fault. People are so quick to place the blame often without concrete or logic assistance for the struggling parent. There are so many instruction manuals for every facet of life, but it seems child rearing seems to be the most difficult thing in life to find a true and helpful ‘manual’ for.

Do you feel like your child is a burden? Heaven forbid. Parents aren’t supposed to feel that way. There must be something wrong with you. If only parents out there with real problems with their children realized they are not alone. Do a search on the Internet. So many parents are in the same boat, and most are still made to feel guilty for feeling oppressed by their child. Don’t feel guilty. It’s a normal response to an overwhelming reality.

Is your child’s behavior embarrassing for you and those around you? I wonder how many parents would raise their hand for a poll on this question. I think if they were being completely honest the number would surprise a lot of people. Having your child scream at you or those around you in a crowed grocery store can be horrifyingly embarrassing. Take heart. Don’t give up. It doesn’t always have to be this way.

Is your child defiant or unruly? Put an end to your grief & theirs. Don’t Wait! Click Here for real help. Your child’s unruly behavior is not going to magically disappear on its own! In fact it’s only going to get worse with time. But there is hope!

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Here Comes Baby! What To Pack For The Hospital For Mom

How exciting! Your little one will be here before you know it and you are getting anxious about going into labor and the delivery. Most moms’ like to prepare for labor as much as possible, and usually pack their hospital bags as much as 4 to 6 weeks in advance. But, if you are drawing a blank as to what you may need once you get to the hospital, here is a list of items you should consider putting in your hospital bag.

2 nightgowns or other pajamas. The hospital will provide a gown for you to wear during delivery, but afterwards you may want to put on some of your own clothes. Nightgowns are easy to slip on, but if you prefer to wear pants or sleep short, then you can pack your regular pajamas or invest in a great pair of post-pregnancy pajamas from a maternity store.
Robe. Hospitals are usually very cold, so its important to have a robe to give you some added warmth and comfort.
Warm sock and slippers. Most hospitals provide footies for you to wear to prevent you from slipping and falling, but they usually aren’t very warm. So, you may want to bring a few pairs of your warmer socks and a skid-proof pair of slippers to help make your hospital stay more comfortable.
Disposable panties. Its important to pack underwear that is comfortable and that can be thrown away due to how messy things will be post delivery.
1 going home outfit. Your going home outfit should be comfortable, and stretchy. Especially if you have a c-section, the last thing you want is a pair of rough jeans rubbing on your incision! So, it’s better to just plan on bring sweatpants and a sweatshirt to help make you more comfortable on the ride home.
Nursing bra, breast pads, and nipple ointment. If you are planning on breast-feeding, these are a must. Its important to get used to breast-feeding using your nursing bra, and you will need the ointment a lot during the first week or two.
Breast pump. If you are planning on using a breast pump, you may want to bring in with you so that the nurses and hospital staff can give you some counseling on how to use it. Most hospitals are familiar with different kinds of breast pumps and can provide you with the guidance you need to insure that you are using in correctly.
Toiletries. You should pack all your usual items such as toothpaste, toothbrush, face wash, body wash, shampoo, brush, etc. You should also bring your make-up bag and plenty of hair ties. It is wise to go ahead and purchase duplicate items of what you normally use, that way they can already be packed in your bag and you won’t have to try and remember them last minute.
Lip balm, breath mints or hard candy. Most physicians don’t allow you to eat or drink during delivery, so your mouth is probably going to get pretty dry and it’s nice to have these things on hand to help make you more comfortable.
A book, some playing cards, and a portable CD or MP3 player. While you may not be in the mood, sometimes labor takes a long time and usually pain medicines keep the pain at bay long enough to do some things to help pass them time.
A pillow or two. Pillows from home are a great source of comfort during delivery, and they are used a lot during the delivery process to help prop you in the positions the doctors and nurses want you to be in to insure a smoother delivery.

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