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Tip for teen workout

Obesity continue to be a major problem of the most country and I think the perfect time to stop obesity is a young as possible, with teenagers having the perfect combination of maturing body and youthful energy to help them build healthy exercise habits. Help your teen stay healthy by helping them to create workout routine that he can enjoy.

Make it fun, keeping regular exercise routine is hard enough for adults with steadier attention spans. Teenager will undoubtedly struggle to stay interested in the exercise plan, as there are many more fun things she could be doing.

Time management, getting fit requires working whole body and this is true even for teens. Teens should work on their flexibility their aerobic abilities and their muscles tone. Good flexibility avoids cramps and help the muscles relax after exercise.

Mentally prepare, one of the problem of the teenager may have with working out is being mentally unprepared. They feel depressed, upset or even incapable of working out. These feeling are understandable but must be removed from teens mind. Help your teenager prepare for exercise by exercising with her.

Helping Your Teen Use Their Time Wisely

As a mom who has raised three healthy teenagers one of the many conversations I have had with each child is; where are you going, who are you going with and what will you be doing? I am sure you have asked the same questions of your teen. The answers are what we normally use to determine if we will give our permission for the outings of our teenagers. For the most part your child during their teen years are very social animals and would use all of their time with friends which is important but as parents it is our responsibility to help your teen use their time wisely and still enjoy their social life as well.

A teen needs to use their time wisely in developing their mind. Schooling should be the most important activity that your child is involved in at this time in their lives. Learning fundamentals that they will need to have to advance in their education and then to also stretch their thought process and to introduce new thoughts and ideas to their minds. While fundamentals in education are important adding to that education is something that a teenager should be taking time to do; perhaps taking special classes that will help them in a career choice or taking classes that deal with a favorite hobby anything that keeps their minds growing and keeps them dreaming about their future.

Physical activity for their bodies are just as important as developing their minds. Today’s teens spend a lot of their time doing activities that don’t require much in the way of movement. There needs to be something to get them up and stimulate their metabolism. Sports, walking, outside chores, part time jobs can all be used to take care of the physical activity that their bodies need to create a healthy adult. Plus these activities keep a child busy but they are also able to socialize with friends but still not have the empty free time available where they would be able to get into trouble.

Bringing your teenager up with some spiritual guidance throughout their lives will help them with making decisions in their teenage years that might save them a lot of disappointment and heartache. At this point in their lives they should be able to make rational decisions based on the facts of the situation and have the self control and discipline of making the choices that might not be what they want to do at the moment but knowing that it might be what is best for them. Taking time to have a relationship with Christ and being taught Christian values can help your teen make better decisions with what to do with their time.

If your teenager is using some of their time engaged in their schooling and adding to their education. Active and keeping busy with some form of keeping their bodies healthy and have a moral compass that they have been building through their lives by attending church and having a relationship with Christ. Then congratulations, I would say that you have helped your teen to use their time wisely.