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Apartment and Condo Security: Advice From Jordan Frankel Security Specialist

Life in an apartment or condominium complex can often appear safe and secure for most residents. With numerous neighbors, staff and possibly even security guards on patrol, why should anyone give a second thought when it comes to the risk of being burglarized? Well, as a 20-year veteran of the security industry, I am very suited to answer this grim question.

Last year, over 2.2 million burglaries were reported in the United States. Out of those reported burglaries, an alarming 70% took place within residences across America. And according to the National Crime Prevention Council, apartments and condos are 85% more likely to be burglarized than other types of housing.

Why are residents experiencing the brunt of these heartless crimes? Because various businesses, stores, and offices are making it more and more difficult for criminals to gain entry into their facilities by installing various security devices—alarm systems, cameras, protective glass film, door braces, and more. This causes burglars to turn their attention to much easier targets—residential houses, apartments, and condos.

An important lesson can be learned from these disturbing statistics, which is that the best defense against becoming a victim of burglary or home invasion is to increase the layers of security.

The Security Onion: The More Layers The Better.

Layer 1 – Timers & Lighting:

ü Install a couple of light timers inside your apartment to give the appearance of occupancy even when you aren’t home.

ü You can also use timers to turn on a radio or television while you’re away

ü Ensure adequate lighting around your doorways, exterior hallways, stairwells and sidewalks.

Layer 2 – Alarm System:

ü Install an obscenely loud alarm system that contains glass break sensors, motion detectors, back-up cellular dialer, wireless panic buttons, and external strobe lights.

ü Prominently display the alarm company signage. This will serve as an added deterrent for criminals.

ü Keep in mind your alarm system won’t stop an intruder from entering your dwelling. But, in most cases, the blaring siren is usually enough to rattle the nerves of even the most determined thief.

Layer 3 – Doors:

ü It is critical to reinforce all exit door hinges with 3-inch steel screws. Doors should be constructed of solid wood or metal.

ü Install both a high quality dead bolt and security door brace to make it extremely difficult for a home invader to kick down your door.

ü Peepholes should have a wide-angle lens and be within viewing level.

Layer 4 – Windows & Glass:

ü Ground floor apartments and condos are more susceptible to burglaries than upper level units because the windows and sliding glass doors are easily accessible, offering burglars another option for entry. But even upper ground floor windows can be a security hazard if they are located near stairwells, outdoor hallways, high fences, trees, or balconies. Thoroughly assess your surroundings for these possible security hazards and take appropriate steps to protect your residence and yourself.

ü All accessible windows should be treated with a glass protection film. Although the burglar may eventually produce enough force to smash through, it would require numerous noise-producing efforts. Because a burglar knows that the more effort and noise he produces will result in a significantly higher risk of being seen or caught, he would rather flee and find an easier target than continue his attempts to break into a window protected by glass protection film.

ü Insert a solid, wooden closet dowel or metal rod in the tracks of at-risk windows that slide horizontally (sideways), such as large patio sliders.

Layer 5 – Landscaping:

ü Landscaping is beautiful; however, it also serves as cover for the intruder to hide in the darkness. Thugs often hide in shrubs, waiting for you to exit your car in the driveway. In a matter of moments, they can grab you and lead you by gunpoint into your home.

ü Be sure to cut back all landscaping near or around the perimeter of your home.

Layer 6 – YOU!

ü Well, in this case the layer is not a product, device, or even a tangible for that matter. The layer is you—so don’t panic, have security ready to roll.

ü Take notice of your entrance and exit points within your dwelling. If you’re on the ground floor, is there a window accessible that you can escape through, allowing you to run to a neighbor’s apartment? Is there a utility closet you can hide in until help arrives, etc.?

It’s all about the layers, so much so that any attempt that a burglar makes should be met with not one or two but “several” layers of security protection. By doing so, your residence will require more effort and skill than most intruders are willing to put forth; thus, forcing them to promptly flee and move on to an easier target.

Long Island Home Invasion : How Do You Prevent This Violent Crime? Install the OnGARD Door Reinforcement System

Long Island Home Invasions and Burglaries on the Rise.

Most Long Island families like to think that burglaries and violent home invasions happen to other families. But as Founder and VP of Global Security Experts, Inc., I am here to tell you that criminals don’t discriminate. Black, white, rich or poor, your family could be the next target of a home invader or burglar.

Few things are as terrifying and potentially lethal as a Long Island home invasion or burglary. Though the FBI and New York local police typically do not track this daily threat to homeowners, news headlines tell a very different story— home invasions are now, sadly, part of living on Long Island. Because home invaders have no regard for you or your loved ones, injuring or killing your child or loved one is simply a means to a sadistic end—stealing your precious jewelry and cash.

Take a look at some of today’s alarming stats as they relate to Long Island, New York burglaries and home invasions:

1 in every 5 families experiences a break-in or violent home invasion

A home is burglarized every 15 seconds in the U.S.

Up to 80% of break-ins occur forcibly through a “locked” door or window.

As you can see from the unsettling Long Island statistics, violent home invasions and burglaries are occurring at an alarming rate across our country. Even so, many Long Island families make the dreaded mistake of relying on locked doors or an alarm system as their sole means of security. To avoid becoming the next victim, don’t make that mistake! Instead, take extra precautions by adding layers of security to your home, such as heavy-duty dead bolts, OnGARD door security braces, and glass protection films. Doing so will act as a deterrent by making it exceptionally difficult for an intruder to enter your home.

During my 20-year career both as a security professional and entrepreneur, I have traveled the globe in search for an affordable and effective home security device such as the patented OnGUARD Security Door Brace. This state-of-the-art door brace is constructed of a space-age polymer, the same material found in US fighter planes and transportation bridges worldwide.

The OnGUARD door brace is incredibly strong and resists:

Blows and thrusts from a sledgehammer
Body and shoulder slams
Multiple forceful kicks by 260-pound man

The OnGARD security door brace is a relatively small, unobtrusive, two-piece apparatus that is installed at the bottom of the door. The brace works by combining the strength of the door, door frame and the door brace itself. Through this combined strength, the door is able to withstand the most vigorous of blows. Because of the unexpected and increased difficulty the intruder experiences in trying to kick down the door, this, combined with the attention-getting noise, acts as a deterrent and encourages the criminal to flee.

Unfortunately, there is no way to stop crime in LI New York; however, you can reduce your risk of becoming another statistic by following my expert advice. Remember—adding layers of protection to your home is a highly effective deterrent in the eyes of burglars and violent intruders—the harder you make it for the bad guys to enter your home, the more likely they are to abandon their efforts fleeing your property.