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Generally you are going to want your kids to have a value you find important, the ones that have worked for you throughout your life. Have you ever taken a good look at what they are? Identifying values you find important is the first step in teaching your values to your kids. Make a list of values that are most important to you. Brainstorm as many as you can think and write them down, the order does not matter. Then after you run out the idea, go back and prioritize the list from most to least important.

1.     Cleanliness – a habit of keeping clean.

2.     Courage – state of mind that enables one to face danger or fear with confidence.

3.     Friendliness – state of being likeable to another person, enjoyment in their company.

4.     Honesty – quality of being truthful.

5.     Kindness – quality of being warm hearten, considerate, humane and sympathetic.

6.     Responsibility – state, quality or fact of being accountable.

7.     Compassion – deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled with the wish to relieve it.

When you have handle on which values you find most important for yourself, go back and make another list of the values you want for your kids to have. List the reasons you want your kids to have each value, and how you feel he will benefit.


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Exercise When Kids Are Home in the Summer

It is often difficult to exercise during the summer if you have kids because having them at home can alter your schedule and make it hard to find a spare hour or so to go to the gym or go for a run. This means that if you want to keep your exercise routine intact, you need to make some changes to it to accommodate your new day-to-day schedule. The best way to do this is to combine strategies: exercise with your children sometimes and find spare moments to exercise on your own during other times.

 1. Reduce your workouts to quick 15-minute sessions so you can fit them into your family’s down time more easily. Rather than drive to the gym for an hour, purchase a couple of workout DVDs and small dumbbells so that you can do quick aerobic and bodyweight exercises in bursts. Bodyweight exercises use your body’s natural weight for resistance. Examples include push-ups, squats and lunges.

2. Incorporate bodyweight exercises like squats and push-ups into other activities. For example, if you are pushing your child on the swing, do a squat after every push.

3. Exercise with your children by playing games that involve running. Tag is a good choice, as are ball sports like soccer and basketball. Alternatively, you could just dance with your children to some fast-paced music.

4. Go for a walk or a bike ride with your kids. Don’t “sell” it as exercise; rather, just call it an activity.

5. Walk or run as often as you can. You could drop your children off at an extracurricular activity, then go for a run while they are there. You could also walk to the activity, provided it is close enough and safe to walk.

6. Work in the yard, pulling weeds, raking leaves and getting rid of dead bushes and trees. The kids can either do their own thing while you do this or they can help you; either way, it’s great exercise that also gets your yard looking nicer.

7. Punch into the air with bricks in your hands. Use just a half of a brick if a full brick is too heavy.



Gentleness Activities for kids

Every parent wants their child to display gentleness, the quality of being a kind as part of her personality. She will only develop this trait if her caretakers demonstrate it; youngsters learn human behavior by mimicking adults. Activities to encourage a kind demeanor can take place both in and out of the house.

Gentleness at home, everyday household activities provides opportunities to instill gentleness into your child. Invite her to participate in common tasks, like fixing the table for dinner or folding the laundry. This can offer reassurance of her importance to your family, encouraging an appreciative demeanor.

Gentleness and planet earth, people can show gentleness not only to one another but also to planet earth. Parents can rear an environmentally conscious youngster with earth related activities. Planting a tree in the garden together in your or plan sojourn to a national park. Introduce you child to recycling and composting. Exposure to such a lifestyle encourages kindness to earth in kids.

Raise Smart Kids

Every parent wants to raise smart kids and ensure that they meet their fullest potential. These steps will show you how to assist in your child’s brain development and increase his intelligence.

Show your child love and attention. From the moment he comes into the world, he should feel loved. This can consist of holding an infant, playing with a toddler or giving a hug to your preschooler. All ages benefit from these kinds of interactions, and they are important for developing intelligence.

Communicate with your child from day one. Children who have had someone consistently talking to them develop higher IQs and stronger language skills. This can be as simple as talking to your child about what you are doing at that moment or even just what you see. It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t understand you. His brain is receiving messages.

Limit screen time. When a child watches too much television the amount of time they spend on other activities, such as reading or creating art, decreases. Monitor how much television your child is watching and set age appropriate rules for watching.

Read to your child often and place books where your child can access them. Select a regular time each day to read to her and make it a priority.

Teach healthy habits. Get your child involved with age-appropriate physical activities and feed him a balanced diet. Making his body strong and giving him nutritious food will give him the necessary energy he needs to absorb information.

Set a good example. Children learn by watching and will model their behavior to the people they see most. Let your child see you reading, getting physical activity and eating right and your child will follow your lead.

Teach Kids Personal Responsibility

Recognizing that your children are no longer little means providing them with the necessary skills to become responsible young adults. Teach children valuable lessons in personal responsibility by encouraging independence and self awareness. You can require them to take on a greater role in the home while managing their own personal affairs as well.

Explain to your children that personal responsibility means learning not to rely on their parents and other adults to assist with everyday tasks. Assign weekly chores to your children. Have younger children clean their rooms weekly and make their beds every day. Older children can take personal responsibility by doing their own laundry in addition to keeping their rooms clean. You can also have your children take on greater tasks in the home, such as taking out the garbage or washing the family car.

Give children an allowance each week and do not deviate from it. Sit down at the beginning of each month determine a budget for the month. Their budget should include lunch money and funds for recreational activities such as going to the movies. Discuss the importance of keeping track of their belongings and other items. Children must learn not to lose things like school supplies or their wallets.

Talk about avoiding negative influences as a part of taking greater personal responsibility. Kids may be inclined to blame poor decision-making on their friends. However, teach them that they alone are responsible for their own actions. Remind them that any poor decisions they make reflects poorly on them and not their friends.

Coloring Pages are great for kids

Giving your kids coloring pages to work on is a great activity and one that is always popular in my household. If you haven’t tried this simple method to keep your kids happy then I can really recommend you try it.

If you have a printer (like most homes will these days) and some A4 paper then you are good to go. Surf on over to a site like and browse the categories there to see what you think your kids would enjoy. There is a wide range of choices, such as Disney, Dora the Explorer, Handy Manny, Tinkerbell and Winnie The Pooh (and many more).

Once you have selected something your child enjoys, just choose your pages and print them out. Maybe make a few copies of each to you have a good supply on hand.

Best of all, everyone can join in. If the grandparents are over they can sit and work on pages with your children. This classic pastime doesn’t exclude anyone, unlike videogames which might not be understood by the older generation.

They also travel well. Grab a few next time you are heading out the door on a long journey, or even use them to kill time at the airport or bus station. All you need is a small pack of crayons which fit easily in a handbag or even purse. Or why not give the kids a small backpack and let them carry their own coloring pages. Make it a part of your leaving the house routine that they can quickly gather up some toys and coloring pages so they have their own amusement at hand.

Your Kids Holy Day Will Be A Success With First Communion Favors

Party supplies and other things that you’ll need are probably something you are thinking about if you have a First Communion for your child soon. You’ll be making guest lists, planning which type of party supplies that you’ll need and buying gifts. One thing that you should think about carefully is which First Communion favors you’ll want to pass out at the party.

It is likely that you won’t want to purchase expensive 1st Communion favors because most Communion celebrations have a large number of guests attending and unless you are planning to hand out favors to a select few, you’ll want favors that are inexpensive so that you can buy enough for everyone. There are many different types of First Holy Communion favors to choose from.

Many people hand out Christ centered party favors at First Communions and if you want to go that route you could pass out small crucifixes or other religious items that are available in your local Catholic shop. You can also sometimes find these type of 1st Holy Communion party favors at a party specialty store. You can also find traditional and inexpensive First Communion favors on the internet.

If you cannot figure out what to hand out, but you want to go with something traditional, then you may want to consider pocket sized New Testaments. You can get these engraved with each guest’s name, or you can simply have them customized with your child’s name and the date of their First Communion. This is a great gift and it will make each attendee feel special for getting one.

Another option is to choose to have glass products engraved with your child’s name and the date of their First Communion. These are quite a bit more expensive, but is the perfect way to give those attending something beautiful that they can place on a shelf to remember your child’s First Communion.

You could also give out different favors to different types of guests. You can give out a certain type of favor to Church members who have watched your child grow up with you, and yet another, more expensive type of favor to family members that they can use to remember this day by. Children can receive fun and inexpensive types of favors.

You are sure to make your guests feel loved and appreciated with the party favors that you pass out to them. Remember, that this occasion is not only special to you, but also to those in the Church who have seen your child grow up and relatives who are members. They will be appreciative of this token of their love and support.

Look online for everything you need for a First Communion party, and you will find a wide selection as well as being able to shop around for the best price. If you look carefully you’ll be able to find some great deals on both the items and the shipping, but be sure to order in plenty of time for the First Communion celebration.

Let Us Play Kids!

A toddler’s world is playing time world. This is because all the time that they spend is for playing. They only stop playing when they are sleeping. Toddlers play with many toys in many shapes and sizes. Moreover, they tend to use their body when they are playing. They run, jump, crawl and so on.

Everywhere can be playground for toddlers. They can play in the outside and also inside the house. Thus, it is important to facilitate them with something that are suitable with their age and ability.

In this case, parents play the important role. Parents have to be able to choose the correct toys for their toddlers. This is done in order to support the growing of their toddlers. Thus, parents have to recognize what their toddlers need and choose which one is safe for them.

If you want to take your toddlers to the playground, make sure that the place is clean and free from many things that make them feel uncomfortable. Furthermore, it would be great decision when you take your toddlers to a certain place that can stimulate the movement of their muscles, legs and hand muscles as well as their whole body. Make sure that the place where you are going to take your toddlers is a trusted place. If that place is dangerous for them, it is better to take him to another playground.

Moreover, if you want to buy some toys for your toddlers, make sure that the material of these toys is safe for them. You have to pay attention to the toys whether they are soft or hard, sharp or blunt. Also, it will be better to consider the painting of the toys. Do not choose toys that are too small because they can be ingested.

Finally, always accompany your toddlers when they are playing. You can teach them many things. For instance, teaching him how to walk on a slippery playground, how to put their toys in order to make them stay in good condition, and so on. Thus, you can reduce the risks of your toddlers get injured or other unexpected things and you can make sure that your toddlers are safe.

Clever and Inexpensive Ways to Keep the Kids Busy Over Summer Vacation

As the lyrics to the infamous Kiss song, Schools Out for Summer are blaring on the intercom at your child’s school, kids everywhere are headed home to rest, relax and annoy the stew out of their parents. The current economic conditions have many families opting to stay home this summer rather than visit pricey resorts and finding ways to avoid the “I’m bored” chorus is critical to parental sanity. The good news is that this nosedive in available funding and excess time together can actually bring families back to their roots and have you and your children enjoying some of the simple pleasures in life.

The first advice is of course, to come up with some summer time rules. Give them a few extra chores around the house so that you don’t end up becoming a 24-hour maid regretting your decision to not send the kids to camp. This is a good time to start even young children making their own beds in the morning and learning how to fill up a bowl of cereal or heat up a pop-tart when they are hungry. In the long run, your introduction to real life chores like laundry sorting will help you out and transition your kids to independent and self-reliant creatures.

Step two is to come up with a very brief and comprehensive plan of things that you can do on a budget. Allow each child in your home to fill out some scrap pieces of paper with ideas of activities they want to do. Your youngest may write spend a day at the jump-house while your older kids may favor a day at a local water park. Decide that each week – you will do one activity, saving the most costly ones for a special time. Perhaps rather than paying kids an allowance for their extra chores, you can plan an end of summer bash at a local water park should they earn the privilege.

Encourage your kids to think of local things to do. So many parents are caught up in vacations that require extensive travel when a host of activities (many free) exist right outside your back door. Check out the state parks, many of which offer swimming holes and hiking trails and plan day trips that will acquaint your child with their home state. Also, look for some inexpensive camps that may be offered by the schools which can keep your kids interested or peak an interest in sports, arts or crafts.

Another great way to enjoy the summer is to look for any of the millions of outdoor concerts that are often held. Whether you live in a big city or not, chances are that some nearby city or town is hosting festivals and concerts that are free to the public. Treating your kids to snow cones and funnel cakes while you are there can be inexpensive and make the evening special. Plus, it may foster a love in music and have a family atmosphere that can truly bring you and your kids together.

Since swimming is always a great summer activity, look for swimming holes in your area. You might be surprised to find the immense amount of lake beaches (which are often safer for children) or local pools where you can join for nominal summer fees. This will keep your kids cool, allow you time to relax as well as provide plenty of exercise and time for socializing. Local libraries also have lots of summer reading activities that include entertainment for children of all ages. Many of their schoolmates may be attending these as well.

Speaking of friends, talk to your children’s friends and their parents to plan sleepovers in the backyard. If you are close with them, take turns organizing day trips together for the kids so that the kids will form bonding friendships and you will have some distracting conversation besides that of your children to engage in. If you live in a neighborhood, even planning neighborhood activities like yard sales, bizarres or old fashion street fairs can be a great way to get the garage cleaned out and keep the kids busy over the summer time.

Other cost friendly ideas that will help you to enjoy your summer without busting your budget is to take weekend camping trips. Visit family that lives out of town and explore their hometown for a change of pace. Or, take on a home improvement project around the house that the kids can take part in. Summer is the perfect time to redecorate your tweens room, add a porch to your home, or build a playground of your own. Not to mention, turn your bedroom into retreat for you and your spouse to enjoy in private.

You don’t have to spend money to make family memories. Often by thinking of simple activities that don’t cost a bundle, you will actually be able to enjoy summer vacation with your children without feeling burdened to have the time of your life. Getting back to the basics and simplifying things may be just the way to reconnect with the kids and make this the most memorable summer ever. Of course, buying yourself sound high quality headphones and an Ipod can help you get through it as well.

More Sleep and Better Nutrition For Young Athletes

I have two kids in soccer. They love the sport and are always outside playing in the field kicking the ball back and forth. Even though they are barely six and seven already they act as if they are professional soccer players. Whenever they do sit down long enough to watch what is on television I have to put on a soccer game. Whenever the narrator yells goal they always get up and do dramatic scenes, pumping their little fist in the air and yelling goal. After the games are over they see the players doing intervenes and so of course they have to act like they are doing interviews also.

I love my kids but, like most kids they have two big problems both do not like eating or going to bed. Since they never see their favorite players doing either of the two they always have that to bring up in their defense. For kids that stay active as mine do though it is extremely important that they keep eating and not just anything but healthy foods. Kids that are active should have five small meals a day because they are constantly burning celeries but you do not want to give them anything heavy because something heavy can make them get that sheepish, relax feeling that you get after you eat a lot. Giving them plenty of electrons and water is also important.

Making sure they get their proper amount of sleep is important too much sleep or too little can leave them irritable and slow to react. If you are slow to react or irritable than this can lead to accidents whenever you play sports. About seven in a half hours of sleep is the proper amount that kids should get. It can be difficult to tell if a child got there proper amount of sleep because they always seem so alert and active. To make sure your kids have their right amount of sleep it is a good idea to take down posters, they might not like that too much but if they do it will create less distractions so they will be able to sleep easier. Also you should make sure their sheets and comforter do not display any distracting characters that would keep them awake and thinking if you already have them do not fret get duvet covers they can go over the comforter that way you do not have to spend the money on a new comforter instead use duvet covers they are a much cheaper alternative to buying a new comforter. If you follow these steps your little athletes will be much healthier and happier.