Successful discipline to a teen requires practice of some discipline, unlike younger children; teens have greater self-sufficiency and self-determination. Simple rewards and punishment are too basic, in a world of two way analysis and judgment; efforts must engage in teen and allow her to be part of the solution rather than a problem.

Set a clear rule and put them in writing, decide on these in advance, the rules should be short to the point and specific.

Be firm and consistent, teens are easily sense any weakness or opportunity to give theme. According to the expert, “it is important that teens have some leeway. Teens are finding their place in the world and need the opportunity to practice independent decision making.

Use consequences that make sense, consequences and punishment are directly related to the behavior.

Talk to your teen about the risks and problems related to his behavior or actions, help him understand why something is problem and natural consequences that exist, the ones you are trying to help him avoid.

Be a role model, your teen is very observant, she is likely to hold herself to higher standards than those you impose on yourself.


Even your family attending on church and have bible knowledge, god can seem like remote concept instead of entity that is the embodiment of love. Help your child understand with simple explanation that focus on specific aspects of god and how they apply to his life.

Teach you teen about Person-hood of god, your child is old enough to understand that god is referred to as “he” because we relate to him as person although we have never seen him.

Explain the character of god; tell him that god is good, forgiving, loving and merciful. Then tell him that god is also god of judgment, discipline and wrath.

Teach your child about the action of god, explain that god created the world and everything living in it, human, animal and plant. He is a sovereign over the events of world and control the weather, including the sunrise and sunset.

Explain god omniscience and omnipresence to your teen, it might be bit difficult for teens to understand that somebody can be all knowing and all present.

Use biblical passage to reinforce your explanation, the first three chapter of genesis give an account of creation.


Sometimes it’s hard to a parents to remember that discipline is more about teaching than punishment. It is easy to get frustrated when your child acts out in public. Keeping cool and calm and follow these some tips to make an outing with your kids delight instead of disaster.

Set a clear boundaries for your child and let him know ahead of time what is expected of him. Stay calm, and consistent when disciplining and setting boundaries. Remember that each child has different temperament and development styles. Correct you child’s poor behavior without criticizing or belittling her as a person.

Praise a good behavior by providing positive reinforcement. Most of the children want to receive praise. If they know you will praise their good behavior then they are more likely to follow the boundaries set for them. Offer rewards for good behavior.


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A lot of challenges come in parenthood. Most of the parent’s struggle trying to appropriate discipline their children. Being to strict can break child’s spirit and being too lenient can lead to future discipline problems. Using gentle discipline is a balance approach to provide your children the guidance they need.

Avoid power struggles, power struggles are common among parents with strong willed children, avoid getting into a power struggle with your child because that will only lead to further frustration for you and the child.

Give limited options, young children want to assert their independence, if you practice parent centered, authoritarian style of discipline your child’s is likely rebel. Allow your child to feel sense of personal power by providing options for her to choose from.

Share responsibilities, young children do need age appropriate chores and responsibilities as member of the household and most children want to help their parents. However you will find it easier to get your child to clean up when the responsibility is shared.

Use specific guidance, do not remind your child to behave when you arrive at the store because that is simply too vague, be specific.

Never withhold affection, your child should always feel that you love them regardless of their behavior, even when disciplining challenging child tell him that you love him and will always love him. Hug and kisses should be a daily occurrence along with support and encouragement.


ATTENTION – avoid providing attention for negative behaviors, sometimes misbehavior is the result of child wanting attention, the child acts out simply because she assumes that any attention from caregiver is better than no attention at all. If this is the case, do not become upset. Instead, tell her firmly that you will not respond to negative actions.

REWARDS – be sure to reward the positive, children often engage in misbehavior because they are too young to know whether something is acceptable. When positive behaviors are rewarded, the child gains better understanding of what is appropriate. You can provide rewards for proper behavior in many ways like compliments, money, trip to a place the child wished to go or allowing the child to have increased responsibilities or freedom such staying a bit later at a friend home.

CLARITY AND AUTHORITY – make sure instruction is clear and authoritative. It is important to remember that children do not have the life experiences or full understanding that an adult may have. A child needs to have behavioral expectations laid out in way that is easy for her to understand, communicate what you want her to do in such a manner that there is not room for misinterpretation. Explain concisely why you want her to do something. Do not back down once you made a decision or communicated what should be done.


Child discipline is one of the toughest things that a lot of parents will do. Ineffective and injurious child discipline practices can cause anger and other negative feeling and child behavior. But when done properly, discipline helps to guide child toward healthy teen years and adulthood. Consistency is a key component of effective discipline.

TIME OUT – explain to your child why you are disciplining her before you take some steps to correct her behavior. This is to eliminate confusion and helps the child to understand the type of behavior you would like to see her in the future.

NATURAL CONSEQUENCES – allow your child to experience the consequences of her action, like if your child breaking a toy of your neighboring, allow your child who lives next door to voice his disappointment or anger to your child in healthy way.

REMOVE PRIVILEGES – take away to your child privileges, e.g. talking on the phone, it is particularly for a teen normally receives. Reduce allowances for older child. Disallow your child to visit with friends, play with favorite toys or watch a movie for one day. Continue privileges until you see the improvement of your child behavior.

ASSIGN ADDITIONAL CHORES – assign additional chores to your older child, like cleaning your garage, cleaning a bathroom, etc. until you see the change of their behavior. Avoid paying your child for performing these additional responsibilities.


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Even the youngest members of the family can make a positive impact on the environment with a little help from mom and dad. Being eco-friendly starts at home by using resources wisely. Ease your child into going green by giving him age-appropriate tasks that benefit the Earth. Over time, you may notice he comes up with his own ways to protect the environment and to spread the environmentally friendly vibe to his peers.

Test your own green knowledge by analyzing your habits. Things like recycling, reducing waste, conserving water and energy, limiting chemical use and buying local are easy ways to families to protect the environment. Make changes to your habits so you model a green way of life for your child.

Discuss the need for protecting the environment with your child. Talk about how pollution and waste harm limited resources on the Earth. Brainstorm ways he can conserve and protect resources in his everyday life.

Assign your child specific eco-friendly tasks around the house, such as recycling, tending the garden and making sure lights are shut off when not in use. Give the chores creative names, such as Power Saver Patrol, to get him excited to do the work.

Join in as a family with community efforts, such as park cleanup days. Plan your own green activities in the neighborhood if you can’t find any organized events. Encourage your child to help with the planning and coordination of the event.

Leave the car at home when possible. Walk or bike to school or other activities with your child. Tell him how the simple action reduces emissions and conserves fossil fuels since you use less gas.


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